Actress Portia De Rossi still shudders at the thought of her Ally Mcbeal underwear episode - because she felt so demeaned trying to win over her TV boss with alluring lingerie.
The lesbian feminist hadn't 'come out' about her sexuality when she shot the saucy stripping scene for Ally MCBeal - and she felt humiliated standing there in nothing but lacy underwear.
She tells Bust magazine, "The show was a huge break for me, and of course I wasn't going to make waves... but I was definitely shocked and disappointed that I'd gone from this really professional, hard-working woman to someone who just strips down to her underwear begging her boss to sleep with her.
"I mean, as a feminist, it was revolting to me. And it damaged me, I think, because I realised I had no control. I just felt very cheapened by it."