Benin City Announces Debut Album 'Fires In The Park'

Benin City Announces Debut Album 'Fires In The Park'

Named after a Nigerian capital, Benin City is a fused genre band fronted by Joshua Idehen (vocals), who has recently collaborated with Pále as well as LV (Hyperdub), Theo Buckingham (drums) and Tom Leaper (tenor saxophone/synths/samples). The band releases their debut album 'Fires In The Park' July 1st 2013 via London's Audio Doughnuts. The album is an immersive journey through synth addled electro brass, leftfield UK hip hop, bass and alternative influences, produced by pop experimentalist Marc Pell (Micachu and the shapes).

'Fires In The Park' is a testament to the band's maverick nature, refusing to comply to any set of rules or genre whilst remaining consistent to itself, in sound and character; from the moody, introspective heady bass-ness of 'D.A.M' to the kwaito-baiting 'Faithless' to the funkpop album finisher 'So You Say'.

Benin City is a rainbow of multiple tempo changes and mood flips, idiosyncratic yet familiar in all its guises, fresh sounding yet original. Joshua Idehen cut his teeth in the London spoken word scene, and his narrative/lyrical chops are evident. Royal Academy of Music alumni Tom Leaper's faceted horn/synth arrangement is reoccurring motif; catchy and multi-faceted, revealing new aspects with repeated listens. Theo Buckingham, drummer and co composer, brings his drum n bass/dubstep producer experience to play, giving the album its vibrant, often marching and sometimes dark persona. The synths interact with the horns to create a sound that is hard and bright; the traditional instrument being made to sound more metallic, more befitting of the urban sprawl Benin City's tales are set.

1. People Will Say
2. Faithless
3. Wha Gwan
4. Pencils
5. Winning Streak
6. So You Say Reprise
7. Baby
8. This Is London PT2
9. My Love
10. D.A.M
11. Only the Beginning
12. Winning Streak Reprise
13. So You Say

July 7th Brainchild
Aug 2nd Standon Calling
Aug 23rd-26th Greenbelt