Primal Scream have shared a previously unreleased remix of 'Shine Like Stars' by the late Andrew Weatherall.

The renowned DJ and producer - who sadly died of a pulmonary embolism aged 56 in February 2020 - was best known for his work on Bobby Gillespie and co's iconic 1991 'Screamadelica' album.

And ahead of the release of three 30th anniversary editions of the LP, the band has shared the until-now unheard gem.

Bobby said of working with Andy in 1991: “It’s the combination of Andy and ourselves that’s just f****** brilliant. He can take that quintessential element from one of our songs and make it really focused. He’s got vision and inspiration, when these days most producers are just glorified engineers.”

The remix and its instrumental feature on the upcoming 10-disc ‘Screamadelica’ 12-inch Singles Box, out on September 17.

The same day, the first ‘Screamadelica’ picture disc, featuring the artwork pressed on double-vinyl, will also be made available.

What's more, fans can get their hands on the previously unreleased ‘Demodelica’ collection on October 15, including early demos and mixes.

The remix release comes after Primal Scream supported Liam Gallagher at his free gig for NHS workers at The O2 arena in London earlier this week.

Meanwhile, frontman Bobby recently teamed up with Savages' Jehnny Beth on their joint LP 'Utopian Ashes'.

The 'Loaded' hitmaker, 59, recently insisted the album is not a "break-up record", because that's for "pussies".

He explained: “Sometimes it is good to make a piece of work, put it out in the world, and not explain everything.

“These days I read so many interviews with singers who say, ‘Oh, I had a terrible break-up last year, so I wrote a record about it.’ How old are you, 29? Who cares? Get over it ...

“It’s not a break-up record.

“Breaking up is for pussies. It’s a record about the struggle to stay together. Why get upset about the dishwasher not being loaded properly? It doesn’t really matter, but these small details add up and you can lose your connection as a result. It is a heroic thing to commit to each other, to make a life together, to have children, to make a home. It is a heroic idea to hang on to the idea of love.”

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