Now on its seventeenth edition, the festival has expanded to become one of the most celebrated and renowned festivals in the world, as well as becoming a hub for the industry to explore ideas and concepts regarding music on a global stage. Contactmusic are back at Primavera Sound for another edition and we can't wait to explore one of the world’s most diverse festivals once more. With an overwhelming array of acts and genres to explore here are ten of our most anticipated artists that we can't wait to see alongside the sunny shores of Barcelona.

Primavera Sound 2017

In no particular order -

Aldous Harding:
Aldous Harding has recently released her second album 'Party' to critical acclaim alongside a string of shows which have hailed her as one of the most intense and evocative solo artists in a long while. Lying somewhere between the likes of PJ Harvey, Nico and Regina Spektor, Harding's approach to weird Americana/goth-folk is nothing short of beguiling.

Death Grips:
Industrial hip-hop (for lack of a better term) trio Death Grips are infamous for their relentlessly intense and energetic live shows. With the recent release of a twenty minute track 'Steroids' which is just as much of an onslaught as you'd imagine, perhaps there is some new material to be expected from the three-piece? Whether there is or not though is besides the point, Death Grips will be one of the most memorable experiences of the festival, and likely the highlight for many a diehard fan.

Arcade Fire:
Modern alternative-rock stars Arcade Fire are playing a select few festival dates this year with the promise of new music from their upcoming (and currently untitled) album. After the much loved Reflektor and with a catalogue filled with many a fan favourite from 'Wake Up' to 'Afterlife', this will be a set which will be exciting for the most dedicated of fans as it will for those who want to scream their hearts out with waves of fellow festival-goers.

Weyes Blood:
The release of 'Front Row Seat to Earth' late last year has caught the attention of many. Fronted by Natalie Mering, Weyes Blood makes serious music by musicians who don't take themselves too seriously. Evoking the swooning emotional highs of Father John Misty while sounding like Karen Carpenter or Carole King, as one of the most exciting bands on the circuit right now it would be worthwhile catching them before they start selling much larger venues on solo tours in the near future.

Aphex Twin:
Richard D. James has returned to live performances after much anticipation from the warmly received Syro and the brilliant fun of Cheetah. An influence to musicians far and wide and one of the most notable game-changers in dance music in the 1990's, this will be a set that could be as frustrating as it is genius (depending on how Richard's feeling that day). Notorious for an off-kilter sense of humour and playfulness, the anticipation and unpredictability of this set is tantalising.

Alex Cameron:
Australian frontman Alex Cameron's Jumping the Shark from 2014 is an album as fun as it is bewildering. His music is like if Nick Cave went to New York instead of Berlin and decided to collaborate with Alex Vega on Suicide.

Grace Jones:
What's left to say about the legendary Grace Jones other than that she's playing this year’s edition of Primavera Sound and you'd be an idiot to miss it.

Flying Lotus:
Steve Ellison's mind-melting music which stirs in elements of hip-hop, freeform jazz and IDM (and so much more) will no doubt be an audio-visual feast of psychedelic extravagance. FlyLo is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating producers working at the moment, and this performance will likely be awe-inspiring.

After the release of last years 'A Seat at the Table', considered one of 2016's albums of the year by many, Solange has been experimenting with her live performances which appear to be a blend between a concert and performance art. A delicate take on R'n'B and pop which is celebratory in her identity and heritage, this will be as riveting as it will be cathartic a show for many.

Frank Ocean:
Until he cancelled. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯