Prince Charles has praised schools for ''going above and beyond'' for their pupils during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 71-year-old royal also praised parents who have had to homeschool their children, even amid challenges such as a lack of access to the internet.

He said in a video message: ''Parents have done an astonishing job in such trying circumstances and to see teachers and schools going above and beyond for their pupils in response to this pandemic has been, in many instances, quite remarkable.

''From finding creative ways to teach lessons remotely, and even making sure the most vulnerable children do not go without meals, we all owe them a huge debt of gratitude.''

Charles also praised the work of Teach First, a charity which aims to build a ''fair education for all'' and said he was ''extremely proud'' to be their patron.

He said: ''Their work to support schools to build a fair education for all, which also produces enhanced results, is more important now than ever. It will be all the more vital in the recovery ahead.

''As our schools begin to open again and the first students return to the classroom, their job will present further challenges - helping children to get back on track with learning, and supporting them to come to terms with all they have been through.''

Russell Hobby, CEO of Teach First, admitted the praise was ''fantastic''.

He said: ''It's fantastic to see the incredible work of every teacher and every school being recognised today.

''All teachers have worked tirelessly throughout this period to support their pupils and we are immensely grateful to each of them.''