British newspapers have steered clear of printing naked photographs of Prince Harry.

Images of the British royal partying in Las Vegas in the nude appeared online yesterday (22.08.12) on US gossip website TMZ, but St James's Palace asked the publications to avoid printing naked pictures of the 27-year-old prince, despite royal aides confirming the authenticity of the pictures.

The palace aides informed newspaper Editors that the pictures were shot in circumstances where Harry ''had a reasonable expectation of privacy'' and therefore if they published the photographs it would mean ''unjustified intrusion'' into his privacy.

One image showed the prince naked and standing behind a girl who also appeared to be in the nude, while another picture showed him cupping his private area.

While none of the British newspapers published the pictures, The Sun came closest to doing so by asking one of their staff, Harry Miller, to bare all and recreate one of the photos for their front page.