James Haskell says Prince Harry quit as a senior royal because it was the ''best thing for him and his family''.

Harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan, left the UK earlier this year and moved to California with their son Archie after quitting as senior members of the Royal Family, and rugby star James says his pal Harry made the tough decision for the sake of his wife and child.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, James explained: ''Harry seems all right. As far as I'm concerned he's on good form. But I think the narrative around them is b******. People are looking through a frosted window, trying to guess what's going on. Why are they so invested?

''I really respect them for all they have been doing. I think you only get one life and they need to do whatever it is that makes them happy. They seem to be doing that.

''They are great parents. They're always heavily criticised; the Royal Family has always divided opinion.

''Harry wouldn't have done what he did if it wasn't the best thing for him and his family.''

And, James also praised Meghan, 39, who has been blamed for 36-year-old Harry's rift with his family.

James - who was a guest at Harry and Meghan's 2018 nuptials, said: ''He is an unbelievable judge of character and he wouldn't have someone in his life who wasn't amazing, and by all intents and purposes [Meghan] is lovely. And if my friend likes her, I like her.''