Prince Harry found Prince William's baldness "alarming".

The 38-year-old prince - who stepped down from official duties in 2020 to start a new life in the US - recalled coming face-to-face with his brother after a long time away during a trip to England for their grandfather Prince Philip's funeral in 2021, and admitted he was shocked by how much his older sibling's resemblance to their late mother, Princess Diana, had "faded".

He wrote in his new memoir 'Spare': "I looked at Willy, really looked at him, perhaps for the first time since we were little, taking in every detail: his familiar scowl, which had always been the norm in his dealings with me."

The Duke of Sussex added he found his older brother's thinning hair "alarming" and more "advanced than mine."

He added: "My dear brother, my archenemy, how did we come to this?. I felt overwhelming tiredness. I wanted to go home."

The brothers' exchange didn't go well, especially when Harry and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex's former home Frogmore Cottage came up for discussion.

Harry reported saying: "Willy, this was supposed to be our house. We were going to spend the rest of our lives here."

William argued: "You left, Harold", to which his brother replied: "Yeah, and you know why."

But the Prince of Wales responded: "Honestly no. Harold... not really."

Their father, King Charles, was also present and Harry said he was "looking at me with an expression that said, 'Me neither.'"

Meanwhile, Harry claimed William was "supremely irritated" when he came up with the idea for the Invictus Games, an annual sporting event for wounded, injured and sick service personnel and veterans and complained it would drain funds from their foundation, an argument the BetterUp CIO felt was "absurd" because financing would come from donors and the Endeavour Fund, which had had “created specifically for the rehabilitation of veterans".

Ultimately, Harry felt his brother's reluctance was purely down to the “rivalry between brothers.”

He wrote: “I covered my eyes with my hands. Had we not gotten over that? All of that stuff about the Heir versus the replacement? Were we not a bit too old for that tiring, child-like dynamic?

“He was married and had a baby on the way. Meanwhile, I would order food alone and do my dishes in front of the sink. My father’s sink! I still lived with my dad! The game is over, man. You win.”