Prince Harry is being mocked as a “mad big mouth loser” and “dirty idiot” by the Taliban for bragging he killed 25 “chess piece” enemy fighters in Afghanistan.

Members of the terror cell told Mail Online on Friday (06.01.23) they don’t believe the Duke of Sussex’s death toll boast and said he committed war crimes and “needs a doctor”.

Speaking from a checkpoint outside Islam Qala, on the border with Iran, Taliban commander Molavi Agha Gol, 32, said: “We are still here ruling but he has fled to his grandmother’s palace. He’s a big mouth loser who has been trying to get attention.

“I do not even believe what he said about the Mujaheddin. He is a loser and scared to go to a combat zone. We made history by kicking him and his army out of our homeland and he should be very angry about that.

“Do not believe whatever losers tell you. I see news about him a lot on my Facebook feed and really think he's gone mad and needs a doctor immediately.

“Even if he believes (he killed 25 Taliban), our martyred Mujaheddin are in heaven, but his invading friends are burning in hell and I really hope I was in Helmand when he was there, to make him understand what real chess pieces are.

“If he’s a real man and not a f****** loser, come to Afghanistan again.”

Molavi Nabi Jan, a Taliban official in the western Afghan city of Herat, added: “He’s a dirty idiot and a drunk jackal. He has destroyed all bridges behind him and is now just trying to avoid drowning in history.

“Using the Taliban and his family is his last tool to make people talk about him. I know him very well. God left him on his own to give him a very big punishment at the end.”

And Taliban official Anas Haqqani, tweeted about Harry’s brad: “Mr. Harry! The ones you killed were not chess pieces, they were humans; they had families who were waiting for their return.

“Among the killers of Afghans, not many have your decency to reveal their conscience and confess to their war crimes.

“The truth is what you’ve said; Our innocent people were chess pieces to your soldiers, military and political leaders. Still, you were defeated in that ‘game’ of white and black ‘square’.”

Harry, 38, known as ‘Captain Wales’ during his decade in the military, claimed in his memoir ‘Spare’ he killed 25 Taliban fighters during his second tour of duty in Afghanistan.

He said he thought of them as “chess pieces” he’d obliterated from a playing board rather than human beings, saying in the book: “You can’t kill people if you see them as people.”

Harry was deployed to Helmand province as a forward air controller in 2007 and returned in 2012, and said in his book he flew on six missions that resulted in the “taking of human lives”.

Former British Army Colonel Richard Kemp has warned Harry may have put a target on his back with his remarks, and was quoted by The Sun on Friday (06.01.23) saying: “It undermines his personal security. He has shot himself in the foot.”