Prince Philip was seen stepping out with the head of state, erm, so to speak. That's right, the Queen was there but there were certainly some other crown jewels on display as the Duke of Edinburgh attended the annual Highland Games as is tradition. Prince Phil has been somewhat ill over the last few months, missing some of the Jubilee festivities due to a trip to hospital, with a problem resurfacing during the Olympic Games. However, he was healthy enough to attend the event at the weekend, and he clearly didn't think it was too cold either!
Philip wore a traditional Scottish kilt and he wore it in the traditional way too - which meant no underwear and, of course, Tmz were on hand to snap a picture of it. Hopefully the caber tossing was kept strictly to the competition.
Anyway, Phil looked in pretty good spirits really, we suppose the brisk air was giving him quite a kick, with the Queen also in attendance and enjoying the day out as well. It's been quite a busy time of it for Queen Elizabeth II, and she'll no doubt be looking forward to the end of the year given the amount of public engagements she's had to deal with both her Jubilee and the Olympic Games in the UK this year. As for Phil? Well, he couldn't have looked happier to be there, we're not sure the crowd was quite so happy though, having been given an och-aye full of it.