Prince Philip will celebrate his 99th birthday with a simple lunch with his wife Queen Elizabeth.

The royal is ''characteristically taciturn'' about the occasion and, even without restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, didn't want to make a fuss or have a party so will mark the occasion quietly at Windsor Castle with his spouse next Wednesday (10.06.20), and also speak with the rest of his family by telephone or video call.

A source told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''He's not one for fuss, as you know.''

Family members are expected to issue public birthday messages on social media accounts, while Buckingham Palace want to mark the occasion in some small way ''depending on how His Royal Highness feels''.

His cousin and childhood friend, Lady Myra Butter admitted Philip has always insisted on ''no fuss, no bother''.

She said: ''The secret is that he just does everything he has previously done, but slower.

''He still enjoys the greatest role of all, supporting the Queen. As for a party to celebrate turning 99? Goodness me, no! He never wants a fuss, ever!''

Lady Butter described Philip as ''an enigma'' and praised him for maintaining a ''thirst for knowledge'' even as he grows older and frailer.

He said: ''He has such an incredibly active mind. And he's a great reader, so interested in things.

''He's got enormous knowledge and I am absolutely certain there must be a link between that and his long and healthy life. He's such an enigma, really.

''He has that thirst for knowledge. He still paints, he sees his horses and keeps abreast of everything in the news.''