Prince William surprised a woman and her young son with a video call.

The Duke of Cambridge reached out to Leanne and five-year-old Kaydyn, who have been shielding at their home in Corby, Northamptonshire, for three months because the youngster has cystic fibrosis.

Footage of the call will feature on BBC One's 'The One Show' on Tuesday (15.06.20) as part of a segment focusing on the challenges faced by those classed as extremely vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a brief clip, Leanne was shown covering her mouth in shock when she realised who had called her.

Advice in the UK recently changed so Leanne and Kaydyn have been outside for two country walks - but the little boy was very apprehensive.

Leanne said: ''Initially Kaydyn was frustrated about being forced to stay inside - now he is very nervous about leaving the house.''

Earlier this month, William revealed he had been secretly volunteering for a crisis text line during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The 37-year-old royal and his wife Duchess Catherine helped to launch Shout85258 alongside Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan in May 2019 and the prince has joined the service's army of 2,000 volunteers, who are trained to support people in crisis.

William revealed his secret work during a video call he and Catherine held with volunteers to celebrate National Volunteering Week.

He said: ''I'm going to share a little secret with you guys, but I'm actually on the platform volunteering.

''It's National Volunteering Week and I want to say a big thank you from both of us. Thank you for all the volunteering you're doing, thank you for all the time and effort you're putting in. It's been hugely rewarding and important that you guys are doing that and you have been a lifeline to all the people who you've helped in the area.''