Our hearts broke yesterday when we discovered that legendary funk/soul/rock/pop genius Prince had passed on so suddenly. But he's left behind an unforgettable legacy and a back catalogue of music that will be played and re-played for decades more to come.

PrincePrince's musical legacy lives on

The artist...
Prince was a Minneapolis born musical innovator who passed away on April 21st 2016 at the age of 57. He was known for the sexual suggestion in his music, his androynous style and his ability to create across all genres. He sold 100 million records worldwide and won no less than seven Grammy awards.

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The album...
Released in 1987 through Warner Bros., double album 'Sign O'The Times' came post Revolution and marked Prince's first solo venture. Surprisingly, sales for this - his ninth album - were modest to say the least, even though it garnered phenomenal critical acclaim. It didn't top charts like 'Purple Rain' and 'Around the World in a Day', but it was still a Platinum success that took an enormous amount of work to perfect.

Why you need to hear it...
'Sign O'The Times' was a real showcase of just what Prince was capable of as a solo artist. It took a lot of re-shuffling and re-naming, but in the end we were left with a masterpiece even if many thought it wasn't as polished as some of his earlier work.

The best song...
'If I Was Your Girlfriend' hands down. It wasn't as big as the album's title single, but it's so culturally relevent and comes from his ultimately shelved album project 'Camille';s so-named for his female alter-ego. Androgyny and sexual fluidity is back in fashion and that's why this album can't be ignored in this day and age.

Where are they now?
Just recently had Prince announced that he was finally working on an autobiography with a release date for next year. Alas, he was found dead in an elevator in his Paisley Park home after several weeks of struggling with the flu.