The post-Super Bowl episode of "New Girl" featured an unlikely cameo, with Prince joining the show’s cast. According to series EP Lis Meriwether, Prince had already expressed interest when the "New Girl" team found out the show would air during the premium time slot – it was the perfect storm.

Prince, Hop Farm Festival
How do you feel about Prince's cameo?

"Luckily, Prince reached out to us around the same time, so we started out ahead," Meriwether tells "With Prince wanting to do an episode, that was exactly what we needed to do for the post-Super Bowl episode."

The plot to get the Prince cameo in the show is actually somewhat contrived, with him apparently just popping up for a surprise show. "Legend had it that Prince had these house parties where he performed for a small group of people," Meriwether explains. "When Prince said he was interested in being on the show, we thought we'll actually re-create one of these parties where Prince performs and they're at his house."

Zooey Deschanel, Fox TCA Winter Press Tour
Not only is Jess (Deschanel) invited to a free gig, she also gets romantic council out of the deal.

 Oh well, it’s still a Prince cameo, so there should be no complaints from "New Girl" fans. When Cece (Hannah Simone) and Jess almost get run over by Prince's manager, they receive an invitation to an uber-exclusive party, where Prince will actually perform one of his new songs. Jess will even sing with him at one point as Prince tries to bestow relationship advice on her and Nick (Jake Johnson). This is where some relationship drama comes into play, with “a big relationship moment” as teased by Meriwether. Apparently Jess and Nick will be dealing with a big milestone and Prince will try to impart some sage advice.

“We were so excited to have Prince on the show, but we really wanted to make it feel organic and not such a step out from the world of the show. The fact that these characters aren't the kind of people who rub shoulders with celebrities ever, we're trying to make sure that still feels real for these characters,” Meriwether said. The Super Bowl episode will air on Tuesday at 9/8c on Fox.

Jake Johnson, Drinking Buddies Screening
Jess and Nick (Jake Johnson) are in for some relationship trouble.