Prince secretly bought the Minneapolis house which featured in his 1984, semi-autobiographical movie Purple Rain, it has been revealed. Prince purchased the property just eight months before his death and is said to have paid $117,000 in cash, just a little over the asking price of $110,000.

PrincePrince purchased the home featured in Purple Rain before his death.

Speaking to The Star Tribune the home’s selling agent, Deborah Larson said that one day last July she got a call from a woman in California who wanted to quickly make an offer “sight unseen” on the house.

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The buyer also offered to pay everything up front with no financing. Larson said she recalled thinking “Yeah, right,” after the woman’s call and said she then gave her instructions on how to formalise the transaction.

“I told her to call me in a couple hours when she did all that. Lo and behold, she called almost to the minute and had everything done,” Larson said. It was only after Larson saw the name on the paperwork, ‘NPG Music Publishing’ (the company owned by Prince) that she realised who was actually behind the purchase.

The house was listed as “needs to be rehabbed,” but no work appears to have been carried out on it since Prince’s purchase and it was never occupied. “I don’t think he had a plan. I think he just wanted it,” Larson said.

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Following his death on April 21st, the home is now part of Prince’s estate, along with several properties in Minnesota, including his Paisley Park Studio and several sites in the city of Chanhassen, as well as his real childhood home in north Minneapolis.