Fans or not, Prince doesn't want you sharing his performances.

The 55 year-old singer is suing 22 of his fans for allegedly posting links to illegal downloads of his live performances.

The singer filed a copyright infringement lawsuit in the Northern District of California on Jan 16th against 22 people for $1 million each, totalling to a $22 million, The Independent reports.

"The Defendants in this case engage in massive infringement and bootlegging of Prince's material," the lawsuit reads.

The documents lists the full identity of two individuals, Dan Chodera and Karina Jindrova. According to the papers they allegedly ran a Facebook page, which has since been removed, that posted videos of Prince's performances.

The other twenty accused defendants have been listed by their online user names which includes, 'PurpleKissTwo' and 'FunkyExperienceFour'.

Some of the footage posted online dates back to performances in 1983 which suggests that these fans are longtime supporters of Prince, but that will probably change now.

"Defendants rely on either Google's Blogger platform or Facebook, or both, to accomplish their unlawful activity," the court papers stated.

Adding, "Rather than publishing lawful content to their blogs, they typically publish posts that list all the songs performed at a certain Prince live show and then provide a link to a file sharing service where unauthorized copies of the performance can be downloaded."

Prince's lawyer has found a further 363 illegitimate links on just one website and this will apparently, "continue to cause substantial, immediate and irreparable injury."

Since news of the lawsuit has surfaced, the 'Purple Rain' singer as angered a lot of his fans. The online community on have been in hot discussion about the lawsuit and the majority seem to not offer their support.

One disgruntled fan stated, "doing things like this is making him lose more and more fans," and another added, "Its really kinda sad to see him waste so much of his time and energy on sh*t like this."

Prince is suing 22 fans for $1 million each