If somebody has asked us to compile a list of artists who we thought Prince would be most likely to record a duet with, Zooey Deschanel would definitely not have made the cut.  In fact, she wouldn't even have made the pre-cut cut.

zooey deschanel prince duetPrince contacted Zooey by email to let her know he was a fan of her show

While the quirky New Girl actress does often pursue her own indie music career outside of her day job, she’s the last person we would have expected funk king Prince to bring along for his comeback ride.  Although it turns out he is a huge fan of the actress and her show, contacting Zooey by email, claiming that he only watches two things on television...New Girl and the news.

The synthy song is called “FALLINLOVE2NITE” and premiered on the episode of New Girl in which Prince had a cameo role as relationship guru to Nick and Jess. We wonder who was more excited to have him on set, Prince or the cast?  The song itself has all the elements of an EDM hit, from a catchy four-on-the-floor beat to Prince’s signature vocals. Although we can’t help but think that Deschanel’s vocals are, although flawless, slightly misplaced in this particular genre. Prince’s distinctive voice effortlessly outshines Deschanel’s and the fact it so easily does, while making Deschanel sound little more than mediocre in the process, indicates she perhaps wasn’t the best choice as featured vocalist.

That doesn’t go to say that Deschanel’s own music career isn’t praiseworthy. Back in 2001 she formed a jazz cabaret act called ‘If All the Stars Were Pretty Babies’, which toured around Los Angeles with fellow actress Samantha Shelton. After a string of successful movies including Almost Famous, which also starred Philip Seymour Hoffman and Kate Hudson, Deschanel recorded vocals on Coconut Records’ tracks “Slowly” and “Ask Her to Dance”. 

Zooey DeschanelZooey Deschanel Is A Musician Too, Don't You Know

Deschanel has written songs for singer-songwriter and guitarist M.Ward, who she later joined with to form She & Him. The pair have produced two albums together, Volume One and Volume Two. To promote the second album the pair toured the USA and Europe.

Deschanel herself plays the guitar, piano, ukelele and pedal steel guitar, often knocking out a tune on her hit show. Music is definitely a passion of Deschanel’s, even if at the end of the day it’s her acting that pays the bills. Her duet with Prince is undoubtedly foot-tappable, although we can’t help but feel there is just something ever so slightly off.

What do you think of Prince and Zooey Deschanel’s “FALLINLOVE2NITE”? Would you like to see it appear on Prince’s upcoming album “Plectrumelectrum”?

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