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Prinzhorn Dance School
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Prinzhorn Dance School Prinzhorn Dance School Album

It's a shame Prinzhorn Dance School decided to have a self-titled debut album, because I think something like 'Prinzhorn Dance School: We Make Listening to Music an Interminable Ordeal!' would be suitable for this LP.

Now, I don't want you, the reader, thinking that this hack doesn't like a bit of post-modern irony, because he does, it's just this album, right from the 'sardonic' band name, is the equivalent of someone elbowing you in the ribs and winking at you for about half an hour.

This record boasts sixteen undercooked sketches, each with the same plodding bass line and ever-so-ironic vocal work. The whole album sticks
rigidly to the formula of repeat three words x 10000000000000000000000000 (see 'Crash, Crash. Crash', 'Up! Up! Up!' and 'Hamworthy Sports and Leisure Centre') This deliberate effort to make every song a grinding test of patience is done with a kind of insufferable knowingness, like a really bad Season 13 Simpsons episode.

Of course, one man's rubbish is another man's treasure, and surely a band as distinctive as PDS will polarise opinion, but I would advise you to approach this album with caution, that is unless you thought the Young Knives' last album wasn't quite repetitive enough, in which case you'll probably love this.

Ben Davis

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