Priscilla Presley thinks being 70 is ''horrendous''.

The 'Naked Gun' actress - who was previously married to the late Elvis Presley - ''appreciates'' reaching the milestone but doesn't feel her age and hates being reminded of it.

She said: ''I don't feel my age at all and when you put that big old number on there it's like, 'What? I am so not.'

''I hate it. I think it's horrendous. I still feel like a kid inside, I have such a zest for life ... It comes and goes so fast, I want to appreciate reaching this age, but I don't want to be reminded of it.''

And Priscilla tries to make the most of every minute so rarely sleeps for long.

She added: ''People will say, 'Don't you get tired?' but I never sleep. I hate giving up the evening and I love getting up very early in the morning, while everyone else is still in bed.''

Priscilla hates her age so much, she even refused to celebrate her birthday, despite her daughter Lisa Marie's urging.

She told HELLO! magazine: ''Lisa Marie said, 'We have to do something' and I said, 'I am not celebrating.'

''I want to celebrate life, not age. I think we put way too much emphasis on age, Americans in particular. They put you in a box - you need to look and act a certain way. I think it's very suppressive.''