Priyanka Chopra has ''never taken'' to cooking.

The 38-year-old movie star has admitted to being useless in the kitchen, but has revealed that her husband, Nick Jonas, ''makes amazing tuna sandwiches''.

Priyanka - who has been married to Nick since 2018 - shared: ''I just can't cook. I've never taken to it. I don't particularly love it but I am a big fan of an avocado toast with a fried egg and to add pickles and chilli on it.

''But my husband makes amazing tuna sandwiches and that's one of his specialities so that's also on our brunch menus.''

Priyanka has made a concerted effort to remain creative throughout the coronavirus crisis.

And the Hollywood star is currently trying to learn to play a musical instrument.

She told E! News: ''It's a good time to be a creative person, especially in entertainment. You can create something and sell it for when the world becomes normal again.

''So, I've been doing a lot of that but I am trying to take on learning an instrument. I'm still figuring out which one. Drums, piano, but that's really something that I've challenged myself to start learning.''

Priyanka has also been trying to maintain a positive outlook amid the pandemic.

The 'Baywatch' actress explained: ''I feel like we are very privileged amongst all of us to have the ability to socially distance.

''A lot of the world doesn't really have that ability, many cities around the world where people are so close to each other especially in impoverished societies.

''So I really take the time every single morning to count my blessings, to love the fact that social distancing is an issue that I'm concerned about right now.

''And a lot of people talk about being bored in this time and I really consciously try to think about it every morning and count my blessings to know that I have a home and my friends and family are healthy and that boredom is something really that I don't even think about.''