Professor Green was about due for a new album and lo and behold, it’s coming later this year. The collaboration with Zane and Pure Love is set to come out sometime in the fall and the Prof talked extensively about it in an interview for ITN. In it he explained all about the process of making an album and experimenting with anything and everything. He also explained how the whole thing was made that much more complicated by the presence of cameras in the studio.

“It’s like sex,” he said. “For the most part, you enjoy it, but you don’t want anyone watching you while you do it.”

He also had some insights to share about crow-funding the project and about his full-time commitment to it: “It’s good that people are willing to fund our careers with projects like this because it’s proof music matters to them too,” the rapper/singer observed. “Not just as musicians, but as people, we all go by the no half measures philosophy, without a doubt.”

And that’s definitely not just a saying for the musician, who was so dedicated to the project, that he postponed his honeymoon with The Only Way Is Essex star Millie Mackintosh to work on it. Well, the only thing anyone can say at this point is, it better be good.

Professor Green, Groucho Club
The Prof enjoys making music so much, that he gave up his honeymoon to do it.