Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh have marriage counselling.

The 'Lullaby' rapper - whose real name is Stephen Manderson - and former 'Made in Chelsea' star are due to celebrate their two-year anniversary tomorrow (10.09.15) and have been seeing a therapist together, which has helped them work through their relationship issues.

He revealed: ''We both see the same therapist and, yeah, we have sat down with her together.

''Sometimes it's easier to understand things when they come from the person who is completely removed from the situation.''

The 31-year-old musician - whose marriage to Millie, 26, has been dogged by rumours it is on the rocks - believes therapy has had a positive effect on him.

He added: ''It's one of the most constructive things I do in my life.''

Meanwhile, the rapper showed just how confident he is in the couple's love for each other when he posted a cheeky picture of his wife naked in the bath tub last week that went viral.

Now he's afraid he's started a revenge war with his spouse.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''I took the picture and she was like, 'you're not f***ing putting that online. I was like, 'I am now'.

''If we are playing for points, I'm way ahead. Which can either be looked at as a positive or a negative, because she's going to be gunning at me for quite some time. I should be watching my back.''