Review of She Waits For Me Single by Protocol

She Waits For Me
Single Review

Protocol She Waits For Me Single

"Get me the Killers, I don't care how much it costs I need the next Killers." The scene is the office of every bedraggled record company CEO the world over. In his head the put upon A&R guy has a plan, what if we could just make the next Killers? Put them in suits, send them to Toni & Guy and turn them out some 'vogue' Eighties indie sounds, shazam, the 'next Killers'. Protocol are that A&R man's wet dream, oozing sex appeal and fitting directly into his demographic. Except there's a catch, for all it's
effort, stylings, nuances this is a record which just doesn't go anywhere.
There's a bouncy bassline worthy of any Peter Hook copyist, harmonic synths and a longing vocal, but it's all just too Eighties- in a soulless yuppie sense of the word. In the eyes of the tired, weary, over-budget A&R man this has 'big hit' stamped all over it. In the eyes of the weary, put upon, cynical music buying public I doubt very much that it does.

John McGee

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