Le Tour De France.

Le Tour De France On PS2 Reviewed

I want to ride my bicycle, actually I don't. I hate cyclists, every Sunday they flock to the roads along with all those caravans, they ride with three or four Lycra friends sprawled across the road so you can't overtake them, they are THE most irritating people on the road, except people with caravans, the only enjoyment you can get from cyclists is when you hit them with a full can of Coke. If they fall off it's a great bonus. Only joking, I don’t actually condone violence or road rage. I just have a strange sense of humor.

Possibly even worse than that is this new game from Konami, they have brought cyclists to the games world with Le Tour De France. From my point of view Tour De France has all the cards stacked against it and I haven't even played the game yet, lets admit it bikes don't have the same appeal as cars (even slow ones) or skateboards, which is a shame as this game could have something to offer.

When you start the game you might try to race at the highest speed possible for the whole race but you will find out this is a very fast way to finish last. The aim of the game is to conserve energy and keep a stead pace. You must keep enough energy available for the last section of the race; this is where you have to turn on the speed to get through the finish before your competitors. You must also have an understanding of how fast you are able to corner, judging this to perfection is another way to become a successful racer.

Despite this the main aim of the game is to go fast, most of the time you should just hold X for a good constant speed that shouldn't drain too much energy. You may also cycle behind fellow competitors so you can get in their slip stream. This enables you to cycle at the same speed while using less energy. Freewheeling down hills is also a good tactic for keeping the stamina levels up. Should you have to use a quick spurt of energy to get up a hill you can replenish some of your energy with some limited water provided. All this energy conservation has been for one part of the race, the end when you have to batter the X button on your joy pad extremely quickly (Just like those C64 Olympic Games) to sprint to the finish line. And that is it you have to move on to the next stage of the tour.

Graphically Tour De France could be much better while the games menus couldn't be any worse. The sound is ok if you like the sound of panting men with electro dance

beats in the background. Unfortunately Le Tour De France failed to excite me and it will only excite cycling enthusiasts.

5 out of 10

Le Tour De France On PS2 Reviewed @ www.contactmusic.com
Le Tour De France On PS2 Reviewed @ www.contactmusic.com
Le Tour De France On PS2 Reviewed @ www.contactmusic.com