As expected, Sony revealed the release date for their hotly anticipated next generation console, the Playstation 4 at Gamescom this week. And, as predict by most commentators, it falls in November 2013. North America will get it on November 15th, while it hits Europe November 29th.

Sony Playstation 4

Announced in June, the PlayStation 4 marks the next phase in video gaming after the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 dominated console gaming in this one. Going against Sony’s effort will be Microsoft’s Xbox One – a product designed to offer an all round entertainment package.

And while The PS4 continues to say the right things vis-à-vis price and game compatibility, it’s still lacking a marque game for launch. "Sony has made fantastic progress as it prepares to release the PS4, but the console still lacks a show-stopping exclusive game," said Rob Crossley, associate editor at Computer and Video Games.

"Sony's press conference once again demonstrated the company has an enviably deep and meaningful relationship with the indie developer community... but Sony executives will no doubt be feeling uneasy as the list of major Xbox One exclusive games continues to grow." (Via BBC)

In depth with Sony's PS4

Since angering loyal customers with their plans to release an ‘always online’ console, which required an internet connection to check a game’s license, Microsoft have u-turned into a similar policy to that of Sony’s.

Despite this, Sony’s early insistence that consumers could swap games at will won them an important PR battle. Add to this the prices – PS4 is £349 while the Xbox One is £429 – and it looks as though Sony will be winning the opening day sales figures. But with a higher number of exclusive titles, the One could come through those battles to win the war, for the second generation in a row.

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