Psy might now be a global star, thanks to the runaway success of his viral single ‘Gangnam Style,’ but in his native South Korea it’s clear that he isn’t above the law, and he’s had a knuckle rap in the shape of his new video, for ‘Gentleman,’ being banned by Korean officials.

The State-funded KBS, a major broadcaster in South Korea, has reportedly banned the new music video because the rapper is shown abusing public property. That particular piece of public property? A cone that says ‘no parking.’ Utter, utter, rebel. The video hasn’t been banned in this country, presumably because the UK’s gone to the dogs and none of us are above kicking cones, so you can have a look and see for yourself whether you think he’s up to anything of disrepute.

Watch Psy's Gentleman below

According to ABC, KBS said that the scene doesn't meet its standards as a public broadcaster; other videos have apparently been banned for similar in the past in the past. It’s unlikely the banning is going to stop Psy being a huge success once again elsewhere, though, with the video already having clocked up 139 million hits on Youtube since its release last week. It’s got some way to go to top ‘Gangnam Style,’ though, which has reached 1.5 billion views – the most watched Youtube video of all time.

Psy's in hot water in his native South Korea