World beware, Psy is back!

For now he’s just back with an announcement, but in the brand new video on his youtube channel, the K-pop sensation announces his big return, due April 13. Don’t even pretend you’re not excited, we know you jumped around to Gangnam Style along with everybody else last summer and maybe, like us, you’re eagerly expecting the stylish Korean singer’s triumphant return.

The question that hangs on everybody’s mind tough (well, ok, on the minds of internet nerds) is: can he pull it off. Like the Numa Numa guy, Nyan Cat, and so many other memes before him, Psy was an instant hit and could very well be a flash in the pan. It’s clear the singer himself knows this and he opted for some clever marketing – namely, doing the Harlem Shake, or a version of it anyway. What? Two memes in one video? Your head is about to explode, we’re sure, but if it makes any difference, the Gangnam Shake bares practically no resemblance to the original Harlem Shake videos. So for now, we’re all left eagerly expecting the sequel to Gangnam Style and shaking our way to April 18th. If you haven’t caught Psy’s official announcement yet, you can watch the youtube video for it below.