So what do you think of it? Not great huh? We're talking about Psy's follow up to Gangnam Style of course. The new single 'Gentleman' features what's being described as a "pulsating rhythm" similar to what you'd find in the dance clubs of Seoul. The Korean/English lyrics are catchy enough, but we're guessing Psy might need another smash-hit video to make this one fly.

The phrase "I'm a mother-father gentleman" is repeating throughout, which sounds don't need us to tell you. His record label YG Entertainment is yet to provide any explanations for the bizarre lyrics on 'Gentleman' which could suggest there is no explanation. Absolutely none.

Following its global release this week, Gentleman has already topped several local music charts in Korea, though it's expected to bother the top of the charts in plenty more countries once people catch on. A video shouldn't hurt either. Psy has made a reported $10 million from Gangnam Style alone, now the most watched video in YouTube history. The star will demonstrate new dance moves for 'Gentleman' during a sold-out show in front of 50,000 people at Seoul's Sangam stadium on Saturday.

The South-Korean rapper is currently working on his debut album, though appeared close to meltdown last month when tweeting a photo of himself in a recording studio with his head buried firmly in his hands. "Pain of creation," read the caption. 

Psy Gangnam StylePsy Has Made An Estimated $10 Million From Gangnam Style