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Our Favourite Screen Queens! In Celebration Of Elizabeth II's Birthday

Queen Elizabeth II Helen Mirren Cate Blanchett

Today (April 21st 2016) is the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II; one of England's most remarkable queens. She's been celebrated in numerous ways over the years, not least with several depictions of her in film both as a young princess and as a monarch.

Queen Elizabeth IIHappy birthday Queen Elizabeth II

So what better way to celebrate the 'celebrity' of this extraordinary woman than by reflecting back on some of the best queens we've ever seen on screen? Some are fictitious and some are her ancestors, but all have been portrayed by absolute dramatic royalty.

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Royal Princess Named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, Kensington Palace Announces

Prince William Kate Middleton Prince Charles Carole Middleton Prince Harry Queen Elizabeth II Camilla Parker Bowles

The Royal Princess has been named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, Kensington Palace announced on Monday (4th May). Charlotte, who is fourth in line to the throne, will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Princess CharlotteThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Princess Charlotte outside the Lindon Wing on Saturday (2nd May).

See More Pictures Of Prince William, Kate Middleton And Baby Charlotte.

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Wet Hot American Summer Rumored For Netflix As Sub Service Takes 'The Crown'

Queen Elizabeth II Netflix

In a constant bid to dominate the ever-changing streaming-subscription landscape, Netflix are ordering their first British original drama, The Crown, a series inspired by the life of The Queen of England, while Wet Hot American Summer may be adapted into a prequel series.


The Crown is set to be a mammoth 20 episodes in length, with reports suggesting that Netflix will be laying down £5m per episode. "What our members love watching most and what we have focused on with our own series are highly-serialised stories," Netflix's spokesman for Europe, Joris Evers told the BBC last month.

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Angela Lansbury "Very Proud" To Be Made A Dame

Angela Lansbury Queen Elizabeth II Judi Dench Maggie Smith

Angela Lansbury has today been bestowed with the honour of being made a dame by Queen Elizabeth in a special ceremony. The 88 year-old actress, who had previously been known as Angela Lansbury CBE, will now be known as a Dames Commander of the Order of the British Empire after having received the very special honour at Windsor Castle in recognition of her accomplishments and contributions.

Angela Lansbury
Angela Lansbury Was Today Made A Dame At A Windsor Castle Ceremony.

Dame Angela was joined by her son, his wife and her niece as she collected the award for her services to drama as well as charitable work and philanthropy. "It is a very proud day for me to be recognised by the country of my birth, and to meet the Queen under these circumstances is a rare and lovely occasion," she commented, via Sky News.

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Helen Mirren Guides Procession Of Stars To The Queen At Royal Arts Reception

Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth II Helen Mirren Steve McQueen Michael Sheen Gemma Arterton Uma Thurman Hugh Laurie Joely Richardson

Last night, Buckingham Palace hosted a star-studded reception for some of the world's most talented stars of stage and screen. The Royal Reception for Dramatic Arts celebrated the Queen's 60 years as patron of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the contribution of the dramatic arts to national life with a host of showbiz royalty paying the palace a visit.

Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen Greeted The Hollywood Stars Who Paid Her A Visit At The Palace.

The Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, played host to a glittering line-up of stars, including Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Roger Moore, John Hurt, Steve McQueen, Michael Sheen, Helena Bonham Carter, Angela Lansbury, Hugh Laurie, Gemma Arterton, Ralph Fiennes, Timothy Spall, Alan Bennett and Alan Rickman along with the actresses Uma Thurman, Joely Richardson, and Joan Collins.

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Royal Baby Photos And Facts: Here's What We Know Of 22 Day Old Prince George

Kate Middleton Camilla Parker Bowles Carole Middleton Prince William Prince Harry Prince Charles Queen Elizabeth II

22 days after the birth of Prince George of Cambridge, interest in one of the most famous babies in the world is still high. So here's a quick round-up of all the facts and photos we have to date.

Prince George

Prince George of Cambridge's birth was one of the most widely anticipated in the world with British and international photographers stationed outside St. Mary's hospital in London and Buckingham Palace, eagerly awaiting news.

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Welcome, Prince George - The Youngest Royal Finally Has A Name

Prince William Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth II

Baby names are usually a big decision, but few infants can boast that the eyes of a nation (much less the world) were on them, while it was made. The wait is now over and the royal family has proudly announced that baby will henceforth be called George Alexander Louis or, if you want that shortened for easier memory – Prince George of Cambridge.

Kate Middleton, Lindo Wing, St Mary's Hospital
In the early days after the birth, the news just keep on coming.

People all over the country are also ecstatic, although for less noble reasons – the name George was a favorite with betting companies Coral and William Hill among others. Although, with odds of 8/1, it doesn’t look like the gamblers will be making any fortunes from the event. The names – all three of them, in fact, are all keeping with royal family tradition. George is particularly popular – the prince has five historical namesakes, including the Queen’s own father, George VI. Louis is also a prominent name in the family and was the name of Lord Mountbatten, the uncle of the Duke of Edinburgh.

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Odds Of Royal Baby Are 1:1, Everything Else Is Up For Grabs

Prince William Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth II

While the world (or parts of it, anyway) awaits the birth of the royal baby with baited breath, bookies are making some serious dough every day that the infant bides its time. There are bets on every possible variable in the birth of William and Kate’s offspring – from the date, to the gender and name. If you search heard enough, you’d probably find someone to take your wager on whether the little one will be born with hair or not. Although we’re not entirely sure how that would be verified.

Scenes Outside St. Mary's Hospital
Odds are, Becks will face a disappointment.

Bookies say bets on the name, sex and date of the first child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are drawing a record number of wagers for a non-sports market, worth over £1 million (1.1 million euros) so far. Gary Burton, from the Coral betting company, explained for AFP that the event as created the biggest novelty market ever. In case you’re wondering, Alexandra and James are the leading predictions for the little one’s name. David, despite David Beckham’s hopes, isn’t really a contender.

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Symptoms Of Gastroenteritis Sees The Queen Admitted To Hospital And Having To Cancel Events And Appearances

Queen Elizabeth II

Now aged 86 it's a wonder that her Majesty the Queen doesn't suffer with more illnesses, but a lifetime of the best food and best healthcare available to her has probably stood her in good stead. Nevertheless, she is merely human and this week saw her being admitted to hospital for symptoms of gastroenteritis. 

A spokesperson for the Queen assured everyone that it was merely a standard measure. "This is a precautionary measure," he said. "She was not taken into hospital immediately after feeling the symptoms. This is simply to enable doctors to better assess her."

As Yahoo reports she has a few engagements over the following week that she will not be able to attend including having to miss a military celebration in Swansea, Wales yesterday. She and husband Prince Phillip were also supposed to go to Rome for two days on Wednesday but that trip too has been cancelled.

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All In The Family: Kate Middleton Wants Her Mother To Become Royal Nanny

Kate Middleton Prince William Queen Elizabeth II

With the big day fast approaching, its time for Kate Middleton and Prince William to start planning for life with a little one in the mix and the first order of business is appointing a royal nanny. Luckily for the Duke and Duchess their needs may be met closer to home than they'd have thought.

Kate is believed to want to break from tradition and rather than hiring a professional childminder, as is the norm, to bring in her mum for the duty. Speaking to Australian magazine New Idea, Jessica Hay - a close friend of Kate - told the mag that Kate wants her mother, Carole, to take on the responsibility of royal babysitter. She told the magazine, “Kate and William are both pretty terrified about the rest of the pregnancy after the hyperemesis.," adding, “Carole may even move in with them when the baby’s born so they don’t have to rely on a nanny."

Jessica, who went to school with Kate, also revealed that Kate's grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II, has been a doting family member since Kate's battle with morning sickness that landed the Duchess in hospital. Apparently, Her Majesty has been sending Kate health tips and has even sent her chutney from her estate, telling her grand-daughter-in-law to eat it up should she begin to feel ill again. Jessica also says that Kate has taken up yoga and hypnotherapy to help combat any future ailments, but is said to be in good health at the moment.

The Queen To Be Broadcast On Our TV Screens In 3D This Christmas

Queen Elizabeth II Prince William Kate Middleton

Her Majesty the Queen is set to have her upcoming 2012 Christmas speech broadcast in 3D for the very first time after the Royal family made the special agreement.

This year has been a special year for both Britain and the Royal family themselves what with the thrilling events of the 2012 London Olympics, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrating her 60 year reign and, of course, the truly wonderful news of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (formerly Prince William and Kate Middleton) expecting their first child who will be third in line for the throne. Though the news of the pregnancy will not be mentioned by Her Majesty, she will no doubt have much to say for our country this year and what better way to experience her heartfelt annual message than in fantastic phenomenon that is 3D TV. The speech, which has been recorded by BskyB at Buckingham Palace, will be available to view on BBC and ITV but you will need a 3D television and box for the full experience.

Last year, Prince William chose against allowing his wedding to be filmed in 3D at Westminster Abbey so this marks a new step in technology for our Royals after already signing up for a Twitter and YouTube account.

Kate Winslet And Gary Barlow Honoured By The Queen

Kate Winslet Queen Elizabeth II Gary Barlow

Kate Winslet was awarded a CBE by the Queen at Buckingham Palace for her services to drama, the Telegraph reports.

Wearing a stunning Alexander McQueen suit, showing off her curves in an effortlessly elegant manner, Winslet accepted her award from the Queen. Winslet's award is as a Commander of British Excellence (for those of us who didn't know what those three little letters stand for), of the services to drama. Her memorable roles in drama include the BBC's Sense and Sensibility alongside Emma Thompson, as a young Iris Murdoch in the biopic Iris and most memorably, in Titanic, which for many years was the highest grossing movie of all time.

Apparently, according to the Daily Mail, the Queen spoke to Kate: "She told me that she was delighted to be presenting me with my award and then asked whether I liked my job. I told her that I loved it but I love being a mum even more... The Queen said 'Yes, that's the only job which matters.' What a genuinely lovely thing to say! And I couldn't agree with her more." 

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100th Royal Variety Performance: David Walliams, One Direction, Girls Aloud And Pudsey The Dog

Queen Elizabeth II David Walliams One Direction Britain's Got Talent

Marking a very special year in the Royal Variety Performance, all manner of British and international stars showed up to perform in front of the Queen and Prince Phillip.

Not only is this 100th performance special in its own right, but of course it also coincides with the Queen's Jubilee year. A great year for the British monarchy! Making a very special appearance to amuse the Queen was a One Direction stalker. Although the stalker was arguably more turning up for 1D... and was also not a stalker, but David Walliams dressed in the garb of a teenage girl and spouting adoring words at the lads. "I've got a washing machine and I named it One Direction. You make me so happy." The Walliams Stalker said, "Was your song What Makes You Beautiful written about me? I love you so much. Will you marry me?" They said no.

Winners of this year's Britains Got Talent, Ashleigh and her dog Pudsey, were also there to perform for the Queen, reports the Mirror. "I will let the queen do the talking." Ashleigh said about the prospect of meeting the Queen, "If she wants to talk to me I will say something back and just make sure Pudsey is good as well."  Apparently, dog Pudsey is in the process of talks about starring in his own film, but for on the night he was simply content with a cheeseburger reward for all his hard efforts on the day. The whole of the performance will be aired on December 3rd on ITV. 

Jubilee Celebrations Continue For The Queen In Jubilee Gardens And With The BFI

Queen Elizabeth II

2012 has been a truly great year for Britain and Britishness, with the Queen's diamond jubilee, followed by the enormously successful and uplifting Olympics and Paralympics, they've have had much to celebrate. In continued celebration and continuing British traditions, Queen Elizabeth has opened the Jubilee Gardens in South Bank, created to mark her 60 year reign. 

The gardens have had £5m pumped into them (expensive fertilizer), and has gone from a "flat featureless space" to a thing of urbane beauty. Plus, around 1000 mature oak trees have been planted in the area, which, when grown will provide a gorgeous shaded area in summer, with one of the UK's most iconic trees. Ted Inman is the chairman of the Jubilee Gardens Trust, a registered charity, he spoke with glee about the garden and its improvement:"It's now an open space worthy of where it is, it's so busy now and well used," he said, quoted on the BBC news website. "We opened at the end of May in time for the river pageant and there were about 15,000 people here watching the procession."

Also marking its own jubilee this year is BFI, and the Queen celebrated with them in viewing a 3D version of her own coronation from 1953, called Royal Review. The Guardian Film Blog nodded towards the irony and post-modernity of the Queen's life, "it is staggering to think that over 60 years, her life has been an unbroken series of such events, like that first "ancient Christian ordeal" in 1953 to this reception at BFI Southbank," wrote the blogger, likening her life to a film itself. "We, the public, move before her like a frieze, or perhaps like a colossal crowd scene in an epic film produced specially for her." 

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