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It behoves The Queen to dress in an appropriate fashion befitting to her station. It would be ludicrous to imagine that she could wear anything she wants. She cannot. Even Princess Diana was restricted as to what she could wear and if it were appropriate or not. Look at Sarah Fergusson who was much criticized for her choice in apparel. How much respect would be accorded to The Queen if she were trotting around in a mini skirt and fishnets?

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by stormy

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I say Sonia Rykiel is right. The Queen must be bold and dress more stylish, modern. It makes one looksbetter and younger.It does not matter how one looks; "beauty is in theeye of the beholder" is the saying. How one feels in-side matters more. You may be ugly but have beautifulideas and can be old and feel young.The Queen is looking prime/fit for her age so she canafford to be more 'trendy' and smart. The way she dresses now makes her look very very old fashioned andout of taste and style. I don't know who her 'fashion' and dress adviser is but she is smart enough to go her ownmind. Iyabo Baker, Antwerpen, Belgium

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by Iyabo Baker

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