Queen have been "trying things out" in the studio with Adam Lambert.

The remaining members of the group, Brian May and Roger Taylor, have been performing live with the former 'American Idol' star for a decade, but have never recorded new material with him and it seems fans will have to wait even longer for new songs because the 73-year-old guitarist admitted their recording sessions didn't turn out the way they had hoped.

Asked about the possibility of a new record, Brian told Guitar Player magazine: "I always say, 'I don't know.' It would have to be a very spontaneous moment.

"Actually, Adam, Roger and myself have been in the studio trying things out, just because things came up.

"But up to this point we haven't felt that anything we've done has hit the button in the right way.

"So it's not like we're closed to the idea, it's just that it hasn't happened yet."

The 'Bohemian Rhapsody' rocker admitted the coronavirus pandemic has made it even more difficult to think about a new record.

He added: "And to be honest, life has now taken a turn in which it's very difficult to explore an avenue like that.

"Things may change, but I don't think they're going to change very fast."

Over the last year, Brian has been giving guitar tutorials on Instagram and taking part in TikTok challenges and he's enjoyed the "interactive" nature of social media in the absence of being able to perform live.

He said: "I'm a performer and performers are all struggling to be heard, aren't they?

"And in this new situation that we're in now, the only way to be heard is on the social media sites.

"And so Instagram has become a little platform for me to play on.

"I don't get instant applause, but I get a lot of response in the comments and I get people actually participating.

"People take up the challenge of jamming along with me and then they put it out there so I can see it.

"It's very interactive. So it's great.

"Sometimes I look at it and I think, 'Yeah, that's become what I do.' "