Review of Make It Wit Chu Single by Queens Of The Stone Age

Queens Of The Stone Age
Make It Wit Chu
Single Review

Queens Of The Stone Age Make It Wit Chu Single

Yes, the Prince of Tedium appears to be trying to foist another tepid offering on the masses. It's hard to believe, but this platter of laid back noodling isn't even on a par with the level of previously awful material Josh Homme has turned out on previous releases.

This honestly sounds like someone has thrust a microphone into the studio room as Homme was murmuring in a stupor whilst someone else played another song entirely.

Perhaps the only saving grace is that with all art, at least a negative, hateful and vicious response is better than no response at all. Oh, and shoot the cover designer please. This continuing theme of 'clever' covers is about as funny as waking up to find you've gnawed you own arm off in your sleep.

Richard Edge

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