Queens Of The Stone Age's new music is ''an experience'' where fans won't know what's coming next.

'No One Knows' rocker Josh Homme has opened up about their new material, describing the single 'The Evil Has Landed' as the ''hottest record in the world''.

Speaking with BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac on Thursday (10.08.17), Josh said: ''Often times music is like opening a closet full of toys and they're all interconnected and there are so many riffs that are related to the others and it kept going somewhere new.

''I think most songs are a bit like a merry-go-round - verse, chorus, verse but this one is like a bus stop, you get on and it takes you somewhere else. Hopefully it's an experience.''

Meanwhile, Josh previously revealed that the group decided to bring Mark Ronson on board to produce their new album 'Villains' because they thought he could help them find a fresh take on their classic sound.

He explained: ''If you're lucky enough to have found a sound for yourself that's individual, you need to be careful by the time you have seven records, you could easily become a parody or a cartoon character.

''Not everyone is blessed enough to be AC/DC or the Ramones. It was time to look hard at what was important about how we sound.

''In the beginning, I thought if all else fails, Ronson could just serve as a talisman to remind me to be modern, our way.''

And Josh admitted he loved the idea that the band working with the producer would ''confuse and dismay'' people.

Explaining how the collaboration came about, he said: ''I knew him casually and I knew he was a fan of the band.

''If nothing else, I thought, 'This will confuse and dismay people'.

''My son was really into the song 'Uptown Funk', it's so tight and vacuous and beat-centric. I thought, 'Man, that could be a really good idea'.''