It doesn’t really matter whether Quentin Tarantino films win at the Oscars or not; the director is lucky enough that he’s at the stage where every film he releases becomes obsessed about, pored over and dissected in immense detail by everyone from the critics to the fans to the industry itself. Django Unchained is no different, a film that’s being taken seriously simply because it bears the name of the maverick director.

Well, good news for everyone who enjoys prodding and probing every aspect of Tarantino’s films – the Django Unchained actors have been just as inquisitive about the film that they’ve helped to get nominated for the Oscar best picture this month. A nine-minute Django Unchained featurette has appeared on YouTube, featuring clips of Leonardo Dicaprio et al waxing lyrical about Tarantino’s dialogue and way of working. Some clips have been taken from the various rounds of promotional press they’ve all been doing, but some of its new, and it’s fascinating to see these big stars speak with child-like fandom about their work of the director.

There isn’t anything of Tarantino himself however, apart from shots of him working on the set of the warped spaghetti western. Furthermore, it’s unclear where this featurette is planned to be released, meaning that for now all you have to enjoy it on is YouTube. Which you can, below.