We told you about Quentin Tarantino’s anger and subsequent decision to can The Hateful Eight over a script leak, but now it looks as though the director has finally settled on a guilty party, believing Gawker to be deserved of litigation as he sues the website, according to The BBC.

Quentin TarantinoQuentin Tarantino isn't a happy director

Tarantino was upset that The Hateful Eight appeared on Gawker’s Defamer blog. "There was nothing newsworthy or journalistic about Gawker Media facilitating and encouraging the public's violation of [Tarantino's] copyright in the screenplay, and its conduct will not shield Gawker Media from liability for their unlawful activity," the lawsuit states.

The popular website have hit back, saying they were just one of the players involved in the widespread availability of the high-profile leak. "News of the fact that it existed on the internet advanced a story that Tarantino himself had launched, and our publication of the link was a routine and unremarkable component of our job: making people aware of news and information about which they are curious,'' the site's editor-in-chief John Cook said.

There have been plenty of script leaks in the past, and there’s no doubt more will occur, but this particular incident has really riled up the mercurial director. Tarantino previously claimed he gave copies of script to six people, including the Reservoir Dogs stars Michael Madsen and Tim Roth, and the veteran actor Bruce Dern.

He told the entertainment website Deadline that, because he could not trust the six people he showed the script to, he "no desire to make it. I'll publish it. I'm done," explained, confirming the script may be turned into a novel.

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