Quentin Tarantino’s hit movie Django Unchained has been tempered for the Chinese market, a report from the Guardian reveals today (April 10, 2013). According to Zhang Miao, of Sony’s Chinese distribution branch, the integrity of the movie as not been lost, with these alterations, which he describes as “progress not compromise.” He added that the changes were necessary in order for the movie to translate to “different markets.”

Describing some of the changes that had been made, he explained “What we call bloodshed and violence is just a means of serving the purpose of the film, and these slight adjustments will not affect the basic quality of the film – such as tuning the blood to a darker color, or lowering the height of the splatter of blood.” He added that Quentin made the alterations himself: “Quentin knew how to adjust that, and it's necessary that he is the one to do it. You can give him suggestions, but it must be him who does [the tuning].”

Unlike many adaptations for the Chinese market, its understood that the movie will be released, on April 11, 2013 in its full 165 minute-long version. Many movies have large chunks cut from them in order for them to be deemed appropriate, Cloud Atlas, for example, had to shed a staggering 38 minutes from its total length, which angered many cinemagoers. 

Watch the trailer for the original version of Django Unchained