Quentin Tarantino feared he would be forced to cut one of his favourite scenes from 'Django Unchained'.

The 2012 movie tells the story of a slave who joins forces with a bounty hunter to rescue his wife, but Quentin has admitted to worrying about whether his "baghead scene" - in which a group of Ku Klux Klan members argue about their masks made out of bags - would be axed from the final edit.

Tarantino told the 'Empire Film Podcast': "That has as much hysterical laughter as I’ve ever heard in any screening of any movie, and it happens all over the world.

"That was everyone’s favourite scene in the script. Amy Pascal, half the reason she wanted to make the movie at Columbia was because of that scene.

"But it was one of those scenes that it was such a hit on the page, I started getting intimidated about would it be that good in the movie? Does everyone love it so much on the page [that it’s] gonna lose something in the translation once I get a bunch of actors playing the roles? Because it’s not based on one performance, it’s a whole lot of people. And it happens at a weird part of the movie."

Meanwhile, Quentin previously admitted that "what happened during slavery times is a thousand times worse" than 'Django' depicts.

Reflecting on the movie, he said: "If I were to show it a thousand times worse, to me, that wouldn't be exploitative, that would just be how it is. If you can't take it, you can't take it."