Quentin Tarantino has received a songwriting credit on Paolo Nutini's new album.

The iconic Hollywood director answered the 'New Shoes' hitmaker's request to sample a passage from his 1993 romantic crime classic 'True Romance' on the opening track 'Afterneath' on the 35-year-old singer-songwriter's comeback album, 'Last Night in the Bittersweet'.

A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: “Paolo is a big film fan and the section used in the song really resonated with him. Quentin never usually signs off on stuff like this but Paolo sent him the track and it turned out that he loved it and he gave the go-ahead.

“Paolo likes to make all of his music himself, but to have Tarantino’s name credited on your track is pretty cool.”

Film fanatic Paolo's 2014 track 'Iron Sky' featured Charlie Chaplin's famous speech from 1940's 'The Great Dictator'.

The Scottish star's first album since 2014's 'Caustic Love' is released on July 1.

Meanwhile, Nancy Sinatra recently revealed she credits Tarantino with giving her a “new start” by using one of her songs in his movie ‘Kill Bill’.

The 81-year-old singer’s version of Cher’s track ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’ was used in a famous scene in the director’s 2003 film ‘Kill Bill: Volume 1’, and Nancy says it introduced her music to a whole new audience.

She said: “That was a gift, wasn’t it? Quentin, I guess, had wanted to use ‘Bang Bang’ for a while and he finally found a way to do it.

“Why my version, I’m not sure. I guess it was the guitar, the lonely sound of Billy Strange’s guitar.”

She added how the use of the song in the film gave her a massive boost, saying: “It caused a resurgence for me. People were stunned when they saw my name on the screen, they didn’t know it was my recording. But Quentin really gave me a new start.”

The gritty martial arts movie starred Uma Thurman as a vengeful bride who sets about tracking down and murdering a team of assassins who tried to kill her on her wedding day.

When asked what she thought of the violent movie, Nancy admits she wasn’t a huge fan, saying: “The film was … interesting! Not my cuppa, but it was interesting.”

‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’ was originally recorded by Cher and was written by her then-husband Sonny Bono.

It was released in 1966 and Nancy went on to put out a cover of the track later that same year after recording it for her album ‘How Does That Grab You?’.