Guns, violence, cool outfits and immeasurable cheese is everything that Quentin Tarantino is about, so fans have been waiting for a good old Western flick from him for a long time. Now we can rejoice because his eighth movie, 'The Hateful Eight', brings us just that, complete with shoot-outs, stetsons, suspicion - and a helluva lotta snow.

Samuel L. Jackson in The Hateful EightSamuel L. Jackson is as formidable as ever in 'The Hateful Eight'

Tarantino touched on the Western genre with 2012's 'Django Unchained', of course, but that was more about illicit slavery than country outlaws; there's usually humour to the Oscar winning director's work despite the shameless brutality of it, but 'Django' gave us something serious to think about. 'The Hateful Eight' is just plain enjoyable, bounty hunter, sweary (thanks to Samuel L. Jackson) fun, that everyone should be excited for come winter.

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Bringing together some of QT's favourite stars; the aforementioned Jackson ('Pulp Fiction', 'Jackie Brown', 'Kill Bill', 'Django Unchained'), Kurt Russell ('Death Proof'), Walton Goggins ('Django Unchained'), Tim Roth ('Pulp Fiction', 'Reservoir Dogs'), Bruce Dern ('Django Unchained'), and Michael Madsen ('Reservoir Dogs', 'Kill Bill'); as well as newcomers to the collection Jennifer Jason Leigh and Demian Bichir, the film follows a group of people who get locked up together in the middle of a blizzard.

Watch the trailer for 'The Hateful Eight' here:

Wyoming bounty hunter Major Marquis Warren (Jackson) gets picked up by a stage coach carrying like-minded peer John Ruth (Russell), aka The Hangman, and his bounty Daisy Domergue (Leigh), and they are forced to take cover in Minnie's Haberdashery which is already playing host to caretaker Bob (Bichir), the hangman of their destination Red Rock named Oswaldo Mobray (Roth), former confederate General Sandy Smithers (Dern) and ranch worker Joe Gage (Madsen). 

Jennifer Jason Leigh in The Hateful EightJennifer Jason Leigh plays 'The Prisoner' at the mercy of The Hangman

A mystery guy named Chris Mannix (Goggins) also comes along, claiming to be the Sheriff of Red Rock, but even despite their desperate circumstances as the storm crashes around them, no-one is prepared to trust each other. It soon dawns on them that the bitter snowstorm is not the only one intent on killing.

Walton Goggins in The Hateful EightWalton Goggins arouses suspicion among the rest of The Hateful Eight

It's a thrill to see the trailer for 'The Hateful Eight' finally arrive, especially after Tarantino considered releasing the script as a novel following an early leak. Plus, we've got music from the Oscar nominated Ennio Morricone, who is responsible for the heart-stopping soundscapes in a few of Tarantino's films - so it really couldn't be more of a classic in the making.

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'The Hateful Eight' is set for release in the UK on January 8th 2016.

Tim Roth in The Hateful Eight'The Hateful Eight' sees Tim Roth play a creepier character than ever before

Michael Madsen in 'The Hateful Eight'Michael Madsen returns to the Tarantino franchise with 'The Hateful Eight'