Quentin Tarantino appears to have gone to great lengths to recreate a stormy Wyoming landscape in his latest movie The Hateful Eight - refrigerating the set to the extent that the actors could see their own breath.

Quentin TarantinoSamuel L Jackson plays Major Marquis Warren in Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight

Taking place a few years after the Civil War, the movie revolves around a group of travelling strangers who are forced to take refuge together at a bar when a storm hits.

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Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Major Marquis Warren, a former union soldier turned bounty hunter, spoke to Collider about shooting the movie and says the cast still text each other sharing stories about the "incredible" film.

The Hateful EightQuentin Tarantino [L] directing The Hateful Eight cast on-set

 "All of us are so anxious to see this movie because, every day, the work was incredible," he said, "It was taxing, in a very interesting way, because we were in the snow, at first, and then we get inside this room. Quentin shot on a refrigerated set, and it was 30 degrees, every day, in there. We were miserable in the environment. You could see our breath, but the stuff that we were doing was amazing. We would finish doing a scene and look at each other and just grin like, "This is incredible." And we may be blowing smoke up our own asses, but I hope it's as good as we felt like it was when we were doing it.

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Released later this year, The Hateful Eight also stars Kurt Russell as a bounty hunter on his way to Red Rock, Jennifer Jason Leigh as an infamous outlaw, Michael Madsen as Joe the cowboy, Tim Roth as the new hangman of Red Rock, Walton Goggins as a Southerner who claims to be a sheriff, Bruce Dern as a former Confederate general and Demian Bichir as a Mexican who's taken over innkeeper duties at Minnie's. 

Bruce DernBruce Dern in The Hateful Eight