Quincy Jones has slammed Taylor Swift's songwriting.

The legendary music producer has taken aim at the chart-topping star's songwriting talents, suggesting that her tunes are too hook-heavy.

Quincy - who has previously worked with the likes of Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra - told GQ magazine: ''We need more songs, man. F**king songs, not hooks.''

Quincy, 84, subsequently suggested that the 'Shake It Off' hitmaker needs to work harder on her songwriting.

He said: ''It takes work, man. The only place you find success before work is the dictionary, and that's alphabetical. (If I was producing her record, I'd) figure something out.

''Man, the song is the s**t - that's what people don't realise.

''A great song can make the worst singer in the world a star. A bad song can't be saved by the three best singers in the world. I learned that 50 years ago.''

And Quincy claimed that people who love Taylor's music simply don't know what they're talking about.

He explained: ''They don't know, man. They don't know. I've come and gone through seven decades of this s**t. Seen all that. Seen how that works. Ignorance is no thing.''

On the other hand, Quincy is a fan of a number of other modern-day artists, including the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Bruno Mars.

Asked whether he is a fan of any of the people who are big right now, the iconic record producer replied: ''Yeah, I love Kendrick Lamar, I love Bruno Mars, I love Drake, I love Ludacris, I love Common. Mary J. Blige. Jennifer Hudson.''