The youngest ever Oscar nominee, Quvenzhane Wallis – with a touch of autotune thrown in for good measure - plays the iconic and titular role of Annie in Columbia Pictures’ upcoming modernisation of the classic, 1977 Broadway smash, 1982 film and 1999 TV-movie. 

Annie movie 2014Quvenzhane Wallis plays the plucky orphen, Annie, upon whom the film centres

The new trailer gives us a glimpse Will Stacks’ (Jamie Foxx) and Annie’s relationship as they move from life-saving encounter, to mutually beneficial work buddies to father & daughter dynamic, all told via the medium of cute dogs, hip-hop infused dancing and Harlem. 

“The worst thing in the world you can get is a little taste of something good because it never lasts,” Cameron Diaz’ character - Miss Coleen Hannigan - tells her adorable band of intrepid orphans. “And from then on out all you can taste is...not that taste.” See, Diaz adds the antagonistic element, while injecting some comedy into the film, too. 

Watch the international 'Annie' trailer here

She is talking about Annie’s newfound home with billionaire Stacks, an appropriate name we’re sure you’ll agree. But Annie’s dream move from Harlem hovel to luxury pad in the city is threatened to become short-lived when her real parents surface. The young girl is then left with some very adult decisions to make, and with not much time to make them 

Jamie FoxxJamie Foxx's character Stacks becomes quite fond of Annie

‘Annie’ is produced by two legends of film and music over the past two decades, Will Smith and Jay Z. The remake is helmed by Will Gluck from a script recently revised by Emma Thompson and Aline Brosh McKenna. Gluck will also serve as a producer on the film along with James Lassiter,  Jada Pinkett Smith, Jay Brown and Tyran Smith.

The film is set for release this Christmas – December 19 to be precise – and is the kind of feel good film we’d expect around that time of year. It will have the crowded holiday schedule to contend with, but if Smith and Jay Z get involved in the promotion, then we can see the new ‘Annie’ making as big as impact as the story’s other incarnations have.

AnnieAnd you can't blame him - the adorable little tyke