R+B star R Kelly has developed such a huge fixation with Africa, he's turned his whole recording studio into a virtual jungle.

The SNAKE singer, currently awaiting trial on child pornography charges, admits his devotion to the continent is so profound, he wants his environment to reflect it.

He tells Damon Dash's new AMERICA MAGAZINE, "I have never been to Africa, but I got books and studied up on the music, the culture and, most importantly, the people.

"That's why you see all of the shrubs and plants and trees in here. I just wanted to feel it. I put tents in the studio and slept in the tents for like a few months, eating off the floors, dressed in army fatigues...

"I know people out there might laugh, but we are in the jungle. We're on a serious mission, and just know that Charlie is out there to stop us, and you have to load up your guns. I know this all sounds crazy..."

13/07/2004 20:53