Rachael Leigh Cook, the 31-year-old Hollywood actress, says that airbrushing photographs is dishonest and a crime, reports Fox News. Cook was speaking at the 2010 Healthy Media for Youth Summit in Washington DC when she attacked the industry's need to perfect images of actresses and models.
"I think it's an absolute travesty that young women are seeing what the media is feeding them," Cook said, before adding, "It breaks my heart to be part of an industry and part of a machine that really pushes out these images and propagates these really terrible standards that are false". The actress went on to speak about how she battled weight issues as a youngster, telling how she became worried about her body after gaining weight on the set of her 1995 film, 'The Babysitter's Club', she said, "I remember gaining quite a bit of weight on the first movie that I worked on because, 'Hey, free food!'. You're at that stage where your body is just changing so actively, so it was a natural change".
Cook, who's currently filming the movie 'Vampire', went on to slam the modern-day dependence on airbrushing, saying, "It is false advertising and false advertising is a crime, so why isn't this a crime? I'm just up in arms about it."