Rachael Leigh Cook, the star of Perception, is pregnant with her first child and will give birth in the fall. She and Vampire Diaries star husband Daniel Gillies confirmed the happy news to Us Weekly.

"I've been hiding my rapidly growing bump while shooting but this kiddo is vying for screen time," Cook joked, "We clearly have a future actor on our hands." Cook is currently shooting the second season of her show Perception. Meanwhile Gillies quipped, "A lot of people are asking whether I'd prefer a boy or a girl. In truth, it doesn't matter to me - I just can't wait to meet little Keanu RoboCop." Though the actor is best known for the Vampire Diaries, though he's signed up to star in The CW's spinoff The Originals which will also star Joseph Morgan and Claire Holt.

Cook and hubby Gillies tied the knot in August 2004 and have a strong working relationship together, as well as a romantic one. They collaborated on the Showtime movie Broken Kingdom, which will premiere on Wednesday May 15 at 8pm.

Rachael Leigh Cook began her career in the early nineties though gained fame after landing the role in She's All That. She also starred in The Final Season, Blonde Ambition and the Sylvester Stallone starring remake of Michael Caine's Get Carter.

Rachael Leigh Cook and Daniel GilliesRachael Leigh Cook and Daniel Gillies At The Premiere Of 'Kingdom Come'