The Notebook star, who plays a police detective on the second season of the crime drama series, thought she would have an easy night following officers on their shift until a suspect tried to flee.

She says, "I did the whole shift, so it was seven to seven (overnight), and about four in the morning, I was starting to get really tired, so I was like, 'Can we go get a coffee?' So we go in and come out and (the officer's) partner was knocking on this kid's car door. He had fallen asleep mid text and she was like, 'He must be so stoned right now.' So she knocked on the window with her flashlight and he sort of woke up and kind of freaked out and she was like, 'Alright, get out of the car.'

"He turned the car on and I'm standing there, behind the car with my coffee, like, 'This is weird, is he going to pull away and take off?' and he literally did. He's backing up and she's like, 'Where are you going? What are you doing?' (I get) pulled out of the way and the kid pulls out and takes off and coffees are flying.

"He drove home. We just pulled him over and had a nice little chat and he went to bed."