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My Cousin Rachel - Trailer & Featurette

Philip is a typical young English gent, except that he has a deepening desire for revenge burning in his heart. He believes that his strangely dark cousin Rachel Ashley has killed his guardian Ambrose for his money, only it's Philip that receives the inheritance in the end, not Rachel. When she arrives in England, Philip accepts her warily into his home, but despite all evidence against her, he can't help himself falling for her beauty and her grace. She's clearly an intelligent and deceptive woman, and everyone else can see that she is only charming Philip to achieve her own selfish ends. But it really doesn't matter how much he is warned about her by those closest to him - particularly Louise Kendall - he's only falling deeper under her spell. 

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The Light Between Oceans Review


With a sweeping, picturesque setting and emotive performances, this dramatic epic will appeal to moviegoers who enjoy beautiful imagery and weepy romance. On the other hand, those who get easily annoyed at melodrama will find all of this a bit thin and pushy. Still, no one will deny that it looks gorgeous, and that the cast performs with raw emotional intensity.

Set just after the Great War, the film follows shellshocked veteran Tom (Michael Fassbender), who has taken over the job as the lighthouse keeper and sole resident of the tiny island of Janus, where the Pacific and Atlantic meet. In the nearest town, 100 miles across the sea, he meets the beautiful Isabel (Alicia Vikander), marries her and moves her to the island with him. But their blissful happiness is shaken when she suffers two harrowing miscarriages. So it seems like fate is intervening when a boat washes ashore with a crying baby, which Tom and Isabel secretly adopt and pass off as their own daughter. Then a few years later Tom discovers the baby's real mother Hannah (Rachel Weisz) in town, and they're forced to grapple with the moral issues.

Tom, Isabel and Hannah all face increasingly difficult decisions as this story unfolds, and the events push every button carefully, removing much of the complexity from the situation. It's painfully clear what must happen, and many scenes are darkly disturbing as a result, especially as characters turn on each other, making some very selfish choices and showing unexpected compassion and understanding. Nothing that happens here is easy, and the actors invest the characters with plenty of passion, plus the complexity that's lacking in the script. Fassbender is stoic, Vikander is wrenching and Weisz trumps them both with her sympathetic yearning. There's also a terrific scene-stealing turn from the young Florence Clery as the daughter in question.

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Denial Trailer

Professor Deborah Lipstadt spent her life documenting and writing about the atrocities that happened in concentration camps during the second World War. She wrote numerous books on the subject and in 1993 she eventually published a book on holocaust deniers, a conspiracy theory that was growing in strength mainly down to a few pseudo-historians and Nazi supporters who deny the holocaust ever happened - or at best claim the deaths and gassings have been vastly over exaggerated.

Rightfully documenting the danger of denial, Lipstadt's book brought to light just how such stories take shape to become plausible to readers and creators of such literature. One of the people she named in her book was the British historian David Irving who had written multiple books on Hitler and various parts of the war who supported the notion - amongst many other things - that Hitler didn't kill Jewish people for actively being Jewish and there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz. 

Irving sues the professor and her publishers for Liable in the British court system and a long trial is set in motion. Lipstadt and her  team of lawyers must find a way to prove in a courtroom setting that the holocaust did happen and Irving's claims (stated in her book) are false and that he is therefore a holocaust denier. 

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Light Between Oceans Trailer

The Light Between Oceans comes as a new drama film and sees the themes of love and loss explored throughout its emotional narrative. Tom Sherbourne (Michael Fassbender) and Isabel (Alicia Vikander) are a couple who are living off the coast of Australia post World War I and are very much in love. However tragedy strikes when Isabel loses the child that she is carrying, which leads to an emotional torture that leaves them both heart broken. In this mist of sadness, a light of hope comes in the form of a baby girl, who is washed up on their beach in a boat with her dead father. Isabel sees this as a gift from God and pleads to Tom that they should raise her as their own child.

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A Week In Movies: On Set With The Hunger Games, Howard Hughes And The Lobster; New Trailers For Expendables 3 And Ninja Turtles

Jennifer Lawrence Lily Collins Matthew Broderick Warren Beatty Rachel Weisz Colin Farrell Sylvester Stallone Megan Fox Jeff Bridges Meryl Streep Michael Fassbender

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

In Paris, Jennifer Lawrence was caught on camera as she shot scenes for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 involving a huge crowd of elaborately costumed extras. The hotly anticipated Mockingjay Part 1 opens this coming November, with Part 2 coming in 2015. Check out photos from 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' film set in Paris - May 2014.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Warren Beatty was shooting his new Howard Hughes movie out on the streets where photographers caught Matthew Broderick and a glammed-up Lily Collins at work. The still-untitled film centres on an affair the elderly Hughes (played by Beatty) had with a younger woman. Costars include Annette Bening, Martin Sheen, Alden Ehrenreich, Brooklyn Decker, Oliver Platt and Candice Bergen. The film will be out next year. Take a look at the photos of Lily Collins and Matthew Broderick prep for filming 'Untitled Warren Beatty Project' - May 2014.

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Daniel Craig's 'Betrayal' Takes $1.1 Million For Seven Shows, A New Record

Daniel Craig Rachel Weisz Rafe Spall

The Daniel Craig starring Harold Pinter play Betrayal has taken over $1.1 million for just seven preview shows on Broadway, breaking the Barrymore theater box office record previously set by Death of a Salesman in 2012, according to Variety. 

Co-starring Craig's wife Rachel Weisz and the actor Rafe Spall, Betrayal was helmed by Mike Nichols and produced by a commercial team led by Scott Rudin.

The success comes as no surprise, given Craig's status as the current James Bond and the added intrigue that comes with the very private actor starring opposite his wife. The advance hype for the show was monumental and Betrayal sold out its limited run before performances had started.

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X Files' Gillian Anderson To Take To The Stage In 'A Streetcar Named Desire'

Gillian Anderson Rachel Weisz

Gillian Anderson will take the role of Blanche DuBois in an upcoming London stage adaptation of Tennessee Williams' tragic play A Streetcar Named Desire, reports BBC News.

Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson Is Returning To Stage Acting.

Performed by the Young Vic, the play will be directed by Benedict Andrews who is known for having had great success with Chekhov's Three Sisters at the Young Vic in 2012. The X Files actress began her career in theatre before she found fame on the small and big screens, however Streetcar will mark her first major return to the theatre for some years. Fresh from her acclaimed BBC2 thriller, The Fall,

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Oz Fan-Boy James Franco On Why He Signed On For 'Great And Powerful'

James Franco Sam Raimi Michelle Williams Rachel Weisz Mila Kunis

Oz: Great and Powerful overcame mixed reviews to take the top spot at the U.S. box office over the weekend, earning $80.3 million and an additional $69.9 million worldwide, according to studio estimates. Cynical industry insiders had claimed Sam Raimi's new movie had flop written all over it, though despite a $200 million budget, the prequel to The Wizard of Oz looks in a fine position to make big bucks.

We caught up with its lead star, the chameleon like actor James Franco, to talk why he signed on for the project. "First of all, I heard Sam [Raimi] was directing this movie. I did the three Spider-man films with him, and I've known him over 10 years. Not only is he one of my favourite directors to work with, but I'm a fan of his films. So I jumped at the opportunity to do this", he explained. Franco, who has dedicated much of time to the weird and wonderful scripts of Hollywood in recent years, revealed he'd been a massive fan of Oz since he was a child, "I read all the L Frank Baum books when I was a kid, so I was excited because I'd be able to step into that world of my childhood imagination. And when I read the script I saw that they were going to be loyal and respectful of everything we lovers of Oz expect, and that there would be familiar things that you need for it to be the land of Oz," he added.

The new movie sees Franco star as the wizard, with Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz playing the trio of witches he encounters after crashing in the magical world of Oz. Though it could retain it's No.1 position this weekend, it faces competition from Jim Carrey and Steve Carell's new comedy 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone' and another of Franco's movies, Spring Breakers.

Read our full interview with James Franco.

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A Week In Movies: Star Wars Episode VII Shapes Up, Harrison Ford Joins Anchorman: The Legend Continues And Oz The Great And Powerful Hits Theatres

Carrie Fisher Harrison Ford Will Ferrell James Franco Mila Kunis Michelle Williams Rachel Weisz Robert Downey Jr Ben Kingsley Richard Dormer Julianne Moore Steve Coogan Sarah Polley

Star Wars

The movie casting rumour mill has gone into overdrive this week when Carrie Fisher seemed to confirm that she will indeed be back for Star Wars Episode VII. And then George Lucas chimed in to say that all three stars - Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill - are on board to reprise their iconic characters 30 years after 1983's Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Nothing is official yet, but we can probably expect a big announcement soon.

Meanwhile, Ford has joined the cast of the comedy sequel Anchorman: The Legend Continues, which is currently filming with Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and Christina Applegate. And Halle Berry has officially rejoined the X-men for Days of Future Past, along with her original trilogy costars Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman and Anna Paquin, plus the cast of First Class.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live! Oscars Shows See Much-Anticipated Movie The Movie 2V Trailer

Jimmy Kimmel Rachel Weisz Gerard Butler

It’s become the case that as sure as night follows day, so the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show will run a bang up program post-Oscars awards show.

The show followed the immediate aftermath of the 2013 Oscars, which saw the likes of Argo and Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lawrence, Ang Li and Bradley Cooper walk off with the main honors, and Kimmel was once again quick to mock the Hollywood film industry with a show brimming with satire. MTV reports that Kimmel opened with a lively monologue which saw him throw barbs at E!’s Ryan Seacrest, saying that he “took home the award for Best Animated Short” as well as poke fun at John Travolta, who’d struggled to pronounce film name Les Miserables at the event itself.

Then there was the sequel to Movie the Movie, the fake movie trailer that has since gone on to become a Youtube favorite after its debut at last year’s Oscar post-show. The sequel was called Move the Movie V2 and switched between a multiple of genres and featured the likes of Rachel Weisz and Armie Hammer which most notably mocked The Twilight Saga. A zombie apocalypse meanwhile takes care of the likes of Jude Law, whilst Gerard Butler also appears for a cameo. Yet inspite of the undoubted hi-jinks, there was something lacking in Kimmel’s show last night, and it wasn’t his fault – more over it just seemed that the material he had to work with, the Oscars themselves, was a little dull this year.

Embarrassment At Oz The Great And Wonderful Premiere For Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams Mila Kunis Rachel Weisz

Michelle Williams had the sort of nightmare that, really, doesn't count as much of a nightmare at all, unless you happen to be the main star at the premiere of your new film, Oz The Great And Wonderful, and there's a load of paparazzi about the place scrutinising your every move.

So, yeah, Williams has had a nightmare, in that she revealed the slightest bit of black underwear when wearing an otherwise classy looking outfit. What was galling for Williams was that her outfit was in no way possible risqué whatsoever, the 32 year-old dressed in a floral frock that raced down towards her ankle. The slit on the right was her downfall, going all the way up to reveal her pants. Damn. 

Williams was there alongside co-stars Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz, both of whom were also looking highly glamorous at the event. Weisz was wearing a red dress and accessorised with a similar coloured clutch, whilst Kunis also went for a floral style in her dress, coupling it up with chrome high heels. Even the three ladies had to take a back seat when it came to turning heads though, with the film's main male star James Franco arriving to the Hollywood premiere in a hot air balloon. Oz the Great And Powerful, a prequel story-wise to the classic Wizard of Oz, is out on March 8. 

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Mariah Carey's New Song 'Almost Home' Recorded For 'Oz The Great And Powerful'

Mariah Carey James Franco Disney Mila Kunis Rachel Weisz Michelle Williams

The next big Disney movie 'Oz the Great and Powerful' will feature a song co-written and recorded by Mariah Carey, aptly named 'Almost Home'.

As Billboard reports, the track, which was co-written by Simone Porter, Justin Gray, Lindsey Ray and Carey herself, will be released by Island Def Jam records on February 19th. It will also be accompanied by a video shot and directed by David LaChapelle, who is the man behind some artwork from Carey's previous, "Loverboy," and a single from "Glitter". It'll include footage of both Carey and the film. 

The release date of the song just precedes the release of the movie which is an adaptation of the classic novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum. Set before the Judy Garland 1939 movie, it sees the rise of Oz himself, before Dorothy arrives. It stars James Franco as Oz, plus Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz and Zack Braff. Directed by Sam Raimi the narrative content is a far cry from his usual genres of horror and thriller. But judging by the teaser trailers that have been released, he's injecting an appropriately darker tone to the iconic children's story. 

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An Exhausted Looking Kirsten Stewart Goes Make-Up Free For Magazine Shoot

Kristen Stewart Rachel Weisz Marion Cotillard Keira Knightley Nicole Kidman

We hate to sound shallow or anything, but in her recent, make-up free photo-shoot for W magazine, Kristen Stewart really doesn't look too hot at all.

With bags under her eyes big enough to carry groceries, Kristen looks haggard and as though she's just got home from a weekend-long bender. Frankly, it's not a great look at all. But hey, with her beau Robert Pattinson away in Australia and a dedication to renowned 'grunge' look, this might very well be the impression that the young actress was going for in the first place.

The photoshoot is part of W magazine's end of year salute to the best performances from actors and actresses over 2012, with Kristen's On the Road role coming in at number six at the countdown. Speaking on the part, Kristen discusses the troubles she had with the filming process, namely the difficulty in filming the dancing scenes, as opposed to the nude scenes she appears in. She told the magazine: "Everyone asks about the nude scenes in On the Road, but I also had to dance, and dancing is harder than being naked."

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The Brits Are Coming! Ewan McGregor And Emily Blunt Score Golden Globe Nominations

Ewan McGregor Emily Blunt Judi Dench Rachel Weisz Steven Spielberg Ben Affleck Anne Hathaway

Several British stars scored Golden Globe nominations on Friday morning (December 14, 2012), with Tom Hooper's Les Miserables looking the UK's best hope of scoring a statuette. The musical is in the running for Best Picture (Comedy of Musical), as well as a string of acting awards.

Though the Globes is considered a solid barometer for the Oscars, it has been criticised for shaping its nominations to attract as many big name stars as possible. In 2011, Johnny Depp was nominated for his role in the critically panned The Tourist, leading host Ricky Gervais to joke, "It seems like everything this year was three-dimensional.except the characters in The Tourist." Nevertheless, several lesser known movies from the past year received nominations, including Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt's Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Judi Dench received a nod for Best Exotic Marigold Hotel while Helen Mirren and Rachel Weisz will compete for the Best Actress (Drama) award for their roles in Hitchcock and The Deep Blue Sea respectively. "It's the first major red carpet occasion of awards season," said Nick James, editor of the film magazine Sight & Sound, "so the HFPA need the maximum number of dresses on that carpet, and the widest range of hot talent on their list. They probably have a small eye on that, but I don't think it's too bent in that direction."

Though British stars were listed in today's nominations, it is likely to be Ben Affleck, Steven Spielberg, Kathryn Bigelow, Daniel Day Lewis, Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathway who contest the major prizes. 

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Oz: The Great And Powerful Trailer

Oscar Diggs is a magician in a circus in Kansas who has about as much moral fibre as he has accomplishments to his name; that being none whatsoever. However, all that changes when he is magically transported to the land of Oz after his hot air balloon gets caught in a ferocious storm. He is about to have his ethics and his trickery put to the test after initially seeing the colourful and sparkling new world as a way of gaining the fortune he so longs for. Things change when he meets three beautiful witches Theodora, Evanora and Glinda who doubt his so-called magical powers are genuine but do believe he could still be great and powerful like the rest of Oz believe him to be if he saved the land from the wicked witch and became the righteous man he truly ought to be.

This vibrant Disney adventure has been adapted by director Sam Raimi ('The Evil Dead', the 'Spider-Man' trilogy) and screenwriters Mitchell Kapner ('Romeo Must Die', 'The Whole Ten Yards') and David Lindsay-Abaire ('Robots', 'Inkheart', 'Rise of the Guardians'). It has been based on the 1900 novel 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' by L. Frank Baum and serves as the prequel to the 1939 movie 'The Wizard of Oz'. Due for release on March 8th 2013. 

Directed by: Sam Raimi

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Spy Who Loved Me: Daniel Craig Kisses Rachel Weisz At BAFTA Britannia Awards

Daniel Craig Rachel Weisz Berenice Marlohe Naomie Harris Daniel Day Lewis Steven Spielberg Darren Aronofsky

Daniel Craig and wife Rachel Weisz shared a rare moment of public intimacy at the 2012 Britannia Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Wednesday evening (November 8, 2012). The British couple were attending the BBC America sponsored event, at which Craig picked up the award for British Artist of the Year.

After being announced the winner, Craig leaned in and kissed his wife before making his way onto the stage as she applauded. The Skyfall actor mimicked his 007 persona by opting for a simple black tuxedo, while Weisz opted for a black ensemble. After picking up his gong, Craig was congratulated by director Stephen Spielberg and Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis, who also took home an award for his turn in Lincoln. The evening turned out to be a very Bond affair, with actresses Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris both in attendance, as well as director Sam Mendes. Goldeneye actor Alan Cumming hosted the event in a striking looking red suit.

Though amongst the world's most famous movie stars, Craig and Weisz have managed to keep their relationship largely private. She broke off her engagement to director Darren Aronofsky in 2010 before marrying Craig in June 2011. 

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The Bourne Legacy Review

Writer Gilroy adds directing to his Bourne chores, shifting the franchise into a cerebral thriller punctuated by plodding action sequences. It's watchable, but doesn't have enough sense of character or purpose to make us care about anything that happens.

Genetically altered government agent Aaron Cross (Renner) is part of Outcome, a parallel programme to Treadstone, which created Jason Bourne. Since Bourne's antics have lifted the lid on Treadstone, Outcome director Eric (Norton) decides to terminate his programme by brutally killing everyone involved. But Aaron slips through the net, as does geneticist Marta (Weisz), whom Aaron needs for the meds that keep him going. As Eric's team hunts them down, they head to Manila to find a solution.

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360 Review

Loosely based on Arthur Schnitzler's play La Ronde, this beautifully assembled film is easy to watch. But that's the problem: the subject matter should be much more difficult than this, as it's about having the courage to make unexpected choices.

In Vienna, British businessman Michael (Law) has arranged to meet Slovakian prostitute Blanka (Siposova) on her first night on the job. But the situation shifts, and Michael ends up thinking about his wife (Weisz) in London.

Meanwhile, she's having a fling with a Brazilian (Cazarre) whose girlfriend (Flor) is fed up with his infidelity. On her flight home, she meets a troubled British man (Hopkins) and a recovering sex-offender (Foster). Meanwhile, an Algerian dentist (Debbouze) in Paris is in love with his Russian employee (Drukarova), whose husband (Vdovichenkov) works for a hotheaded gangster (Ivanir).

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The Bourne Legacy Trailer

The CIA is confronted with the consequences of previous events that have taken place involving Jason Bourne. They decide that they must shut down Operation Outcome (the subsequent operation to Operation Treadstone) which will involve the assassination of Outcome agent Aaron Cross and Doctor Stephanie Snyder who helped produce the agents. They must find an escape or be killed.

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Dream House Review

There's an intriguing idea here, but this thriller feels like it has been compromised in the test-screening phase, resulting in a badly muddled plot. And even a lot of talent in front of and behind the camera can't rescue it.

Will (Craig) has just quit his job as a Manhattan editor to spend more time with his wife (Weisz) and young daughters (Geare and Geare) in their suburban home. But something isn't right. A suspicious man (Koteas) is lurking in the night, while the ex-husband (Csokas) of the neighbour (Watts) across the street oozes pure rage. Then Will starts to realise that nothing is what it seems to be. And he'll need to face reality if he hopes to sort things out.

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Video - Rachel Weisz Hung Out With Female Cops In New York

Rachel Weisz explaining how she prepared for her role in the upcoming thriller 'The Whistleblower', in which she plays a Nebraska cop who outed the U.N. for covering up a sex scandal. Weisz said she "hung out with some female cops in New York to get the feeling" and later met Kathryn Bolkovac, the woman she plays in the movie.

The actress recently married 'Bond' actor Daniel Craig in the surprise celebrity wedding of the year. The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in New York, attended by only four people

Agora Review

Ambitious in scope, this film feels over-serious and oddly cold. Fans of historical dramas may love it, but you're in trouble when theories about the sun and earth are more involving than the interpersonal dramas.

In 4th century Alexandria, Hypatia (Weisz) is a noted philosopher who teaches at the famed library. But the world around her is changing, as Greek and Egyptian beliefs conflict with Christians and Jews. And with the Roman Empire gaining power, the Christians have the edge. As Hypatia continues to explore her far-advanced theories about the earth and the universe, she finds herself caught between two men who love her: loyal servant Davus (Minghella) and the civic leader Orestes (Isaac). And the fundamentalist Romans aren't happy with her radical thoughts.

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The Lovely Bones Review


This film is packed with involving performances, even though Jackson takes a bloated approach to what should be a quietly emotional drama. And in the end, the production design is so lush that it swamps the story's themes.

In 1973, Susie (Ronan) is a happy 14-year-old just beginning to blossom. Her crush on a fellow student (Ritchie) is about to culminate in her first kiss, but she's instead brutally murdered by a creepy neighbour (Tucci). Her parents (Wahlberg and Weisz) are distraught, and Grandma (Sarandon) needs to come help care for Susie's younger siblings (McIver and Christian Thomas Ashdale). Susie watches all of this from "my heaven", longing for her parents to recover their balance and aching for some form of revenge.

The central theme is that Susie's yearning for vengeance is preventing her parents from moving on, and it's also keeping her from resting in peace. As the months and years pass, she struggles to let go of her connections to her family and also to dislodge her killer's hold on her. This intriguing idea is more suited to a small-budget filmmaker forced to find subtle, creative ways to depict the interaction between the afterlife and the living world.

Jackson, of course, has no budgetary constraints, and indulges in constant eye-catching effects that are drenched in colour and symbolism. This luxuriant approach seems odd for a story this fatalistic; it's not likely to be a commercial hit no matter how glorious the digital artistry is. While some viewers will connect with the raw emotional tone, concepts of the cruelty of fate and the fragility of life are lost.

Even so, Ronan delivers another knock-out performance packed with nuance and meaning even though many of her scenes only require reaction shots. It's in her eyes that the film comes truly to life, as it were. The other standouts are Sarandon, who brazenly steals scenes in what's essentially a thankless role, and Tucci, who never resorts to stereotype in his portrayal of a sinister loner. Jackson, on the other hand, continually applies cliches around him, from shadowy angles that generate palpable suspense to a ludicrously over-the-top coda that erases any subtlety the film might have.

Constantine Review

Very Good
How's this for a story premise: God made a pact with the Devil that none of their minions - angels and demons - would ever cross over from the ethereal planes of Heaven and Hell into the human plane. But occasionally, the minions break the rules, and it's up to supernatural hero John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) to "deport" them to Hell as punishment.

Pretty badass, right? Definitely. Deep and meaningful? Hardly. This is a violent and apocalyptic story, based loosely on the Hellblazer graphic novels by comic book legend Alan Moore. And much to the relief of comic book fanboys everywhere, this adaptation adheres to the heavy, religious-war foundational spirit of Moore's work.

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Stealing Beauty Review

Stealing Beauty is a bad movie. Bernardo Bertolucci, the Academy Award-winning director of 1987's The Last Emperor, is dead. He has been replaced with a hormonal and juvenile kid, masquerading as a filmmaker, desperately trying to appeal to a cerebral audience yet maintaining enough accessibility for the moviegoing public.

Stealing Beauty fails miserably on both counts.

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Confidence Review

If Heist held your attention and The Score kept you guessing, you need to see Confidence, James Foley's stunningly original sting movie that puts the majority of sting movies to shame. Who knew that Foley, the man responsible for brainless thrillers like The Corruptor and Fear, would helm a genre film that outwits even those from acclaimed filmmakers David Mamet and Frank Oz?

Confidence has triple the pizzazz of any caper movie released in the past several years. To say that it keeps you guessing would be misleading; the film has so many twists, turns, and reveals them in such an order that you don't even know where to start guessing. You'll need a scorecard to keep everything in order. Yet, remarkably, in the end, everything adds up without any apparent plot holes. It's astonishing.

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Envy (2004) Review

The last half hour of Saturday Night Live is inevitably a wasteland. Talented comedians are given Z grade material that goes nowhere. Imagine if the entire show were that dismal. That, in a nutshell, is Envy.

It begins with two working stiffs, Tim (Ben Stiller) and Nick (Jack Black) plodding their lives away at a 3M facility. By-the-book Tim is creeping into middle management while dreamer Nick wallows on the factory floor concocting wacky ideas for useless products. All of that changes when one of Nick's hare-brained schemes, a spray that dissolves dog excrement called Vapoorize (No. Stop. I think I'm gonna bust a gut.), pans out and makes millions.

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The Shape Of Things Review

Neil LaBute, you're a cruel, cruel man.

After the somewhat senseless Your Friends and Neighbors and the bafflingly bad period piece Possession, LaBute has at last returned to his roots with the kind of story that made In the Company of Men such a kick in the nuts.

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The Mummy Returns Review


Remember how badly "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" turned out when Steven Spielberg tried to wedge an impish kid into his successful archeology-action-adventure formula? Well, deja vu.

How pathetically contrived and sadly unoriginal is the obviously rushed-into-production "The Mummy Returns"? Everything you need to know can be gleaned from these three facts: 1) Prim-but-sexy Egyptologist Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) turns out to be the reincarnation of Queen Nefertiti. 2) Lantern-jawed adventurer Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) finds out that a tattoo he bears means he was born to be a Medjai warrior. And, 3) their ragamuffin 8-year-old son Alex (Freddie Boath) is "The Chosen One" -- although the movie makes little attempt to explain what that means.

All together now: Oh, brother!

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Envy Review


Even if you have not yet tired of the eye-bugging, eyebrow-dancing, class-clown schtick of Jack Black or the eye-bugging, eyebrow-dancing, fretful straight-man schtick of Ben Stiller, the first collaboration between these two one-trick ponies is still unlikely to draw a single laugh for its slapdash story of one-dimensional "Envy" run amok.

The pair star as K-Mart-class stiffs in the sandpaper trade who are best pals and neighbors in an under-the-power-lines cul-de-sac of the San Fernando 'burbs. A fusspot pragmatic by temperament, Stiller slowly turns bitter green when Black -- a wild-eyed daydreamer full of half-baked inventions and get-rich-quick schemes -- gets rich quick by helping conceive an aerosol spray that makes pet poop evaporate.

Soon Stiller and family (Rachel Weisz is wasted in a do-nothing role as his wife) are living across the street from the gaudy uber-mansion that replaced Black's tract home, complete with a carousel on the grounds and Corinthian-styled stables for a white horse that's always getting loose and nibbling on their apple tree. When jealous Stiller accidentally kills the horse in a midnight fit of drunken archery (Black's yard also boasts a bow-and-arrow target range), he tries to hide the body with the help of a weird hobo (Christopher Walken), and hilarity is supposed to ensue.

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Denial Trailer

Denial Trailer

Professor Deborah Lipstadt spent her life documenting and writing about the atrocities that happened in...

Light Between Oceans Trailer

Light Between Oceans Trailer

The Light Between Oceans comes as a new drama film and sees the themes of...

The Lobster Movie Review

The Lobster Movie Review

Throwing a solid Hollywood cast into a surreal arthouse satire, acclaimed Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos...

The Lobster Trailer

The Lobster Trailer

David is a single man having just left a 12 year relationship. As per the...

Youth Trailer

Youth Trailer

Mick and Fred have been friends lifelong friends, now both reaching their more senior years...

Oz the Great and Powerful Movie Review

Oz the Great and Powerful Movie Review

Like Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, this film shows the overpowering strength of Disney and...

Oz: The Great And Powerful Trailer

Oz: The Great And Powerful Trailer

Oscar Diggs is a magician in a circus in Kansas who has about as much...

The Bourne Legacy Movie Review

The Bourne Legacy Movie Review

Writer Gilroy adds directing to his Bourne chores, shifting the franchise into a cerebral thriller...

360 Movie Review

360 Movie Review

Loosely based on Arthur Schnitzler's play La Ronde, this beautifully assembled film is easy to...