Rachel Weisz has likened Colin Farrell to a ''chunky Elvis''.

The 45-year-old actress stars alongside the Hollywood heartthrob in the sci-fi comedy 'The Lobster', but has revealed she thinks of her Irish co-star in a different context to most moviegoers, after he piled on the pounds for the role of David.

She said: ''He had to eat a lot of rice for the role. To me he's always going to be chunky Dave. He's got this incredible sweetness in the film, because you're not distracted by the Adonis. You can see his soul.''

Asked whether Colin's appearance reminded her of Elvis Presley in his later years, Rachel told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''Yes, the Las Vegas era. Colin's like chunky Elvis.''

Meanwhile, Rachel also took issue with recent suggestions that there are a lack of strong roles for women, arguing that the debate is being looked at in the wrong way.

She reflected: ''To me strong means you lift dumbbells. I don't think you'd say Tom Hardy or George Clooney's found a strong role. Well, you wouldn't! It's slightly weird, isn't it?

''If I play a body-builder one day - which I might! - then maybe that might be strong.''