We've got a female Doctor in 'Doctor Who', and Charlize Theron has proven just how incredible a woman can be in the role of a spy following her portrayal of Agent Lorraine Broughton in last year's brilliant 'Atomic Blonde', so it was only going to be a matter of time before the discussion surrounding a female version of James Bond flared up once more.

Rachel Weisz thinks women should have their own storiesRachel Weisz thinks women should have their own stories

A vocal portion of Bond fans have been against the move ever since it was brought into mainstream conversation, but there are also a big chunk of people who would love to see a Jane Bond make her way onto the big screen. Jane would of course be a huge deviation from the James the series of Bond films are based on - that created by author Ian Fleming in his novel series - as he's a womanising, incredibly sexist and at times, racist character. The Bond we've seen on screen has of course evolved, but he's still extremely masculine.

Currently, Daniel Craig is the actor who's tackling the role, with his next film coming in 2019 heavily rumoured to be his last. Producers will be looking to recast so that the series can continue, but could we see a woman take over? Academy Award-winning British actress Rachel Weisz, who also happens to be married to Craig, doesn't think it's a good idea.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Weisz explained why she thinks a female Bond wouldn't work, saying: "[Ian Fleming] devoted an awful lot of time to writing this particular character, who is particularly male and relates in a particular way to women. Why not create your own story rather than jumping on to the shoulders and being compared to all those other male predecessors? Women are really fascinating and interesting and should get their own stories."

Weisz's words should prove as inspiration for filmmakers and screenwriters to create more exciting stories for females to front. Bringing something new to Hollywood, in a time when reboots and revivals are rife, is never a bad thing, so to see more women-led stories, away from the James Bond universe, would likely be one of the best routes to go down. Let Bond be James, and create something entirely new to really cement a legacy for women.

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The next James Bond movie is set for release in 2019. We'll bring you more news about the film as and when we get it.