Rachel Weisz is ''more tired'' as an older mother.

The 50-year-old actress admitted she has less energy when it comes to running around after the toddler daughter she has with husband Daniel Craig than she did when her 13-year-old son Henry - who she has with director Darren Aronofsky - was younger, but she is ''really enjoying'' having a young child again.

Rachel - who has never publicly revealed the name of her little girl, who turns two in August - said: ''I'm more tired than I was last time, this car has more miles on it.

''But I'm really having fun, I'm really enjoying it, it's a real blessing.''

But the 'Black Widow' actress thinks being an older parent has made her more patient and ''flexible''.

She said: ''We tried to go for a walk yesterday, and I had a plan about where we were going to go, but we only made it two metres, because first there was an interesting stick, and then we discovered a moth.

''So we didn't go anywhere at all. I'm just more flexible, I think.''

Rachel - who doesn't have a nanny - credits her youthful appearance now to having battled problem skin as a teenager.

She said: ''I drink a lot of water. And I always had very oily skin - I hated it as a teenager because I had pimples.''

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty has called for the promotion of more stories for women so young girls have better role models.

She told Harper's Bazaar: ''The Eighties and Nineties were really s**t for women.

''But I used to watch a lot of black and white movies with my mum -Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Katharine Hepburn, they were very powerful in the narratives.

''Bette Davis didn't have super-powers but she's powerful as hell.

''I do think it's important for girls growing up to see stories where women are front and centre, and to see a female politician, or a female prime minister.

''It's about identification, it's seeing possibilities. We need more stories about women. We need more role models!''